GGR Hits Colonnade, Duthie

Fourteen riders headed to Seattle to take a look at the bike parks at Colonnade and Duthie on January 14th.

The crew included Paul, Mel, Seattle Fred, Jerry D, Joe and Marie Klemmer, Shannon, Dave, Doctor Brigman, Ryan McMaster, Kelley, Kevin, Cage and myself.

We hit Colonnade first. It was nice that a good portion of it was under the freeway so that we could ride in the dry. They have really maximized the space with features of all types for all levels of riders.

We enjoyed it but several people commented that having individual features that weren’t part of a trail made it harder to try things. Cage and Lance both ate feces, and we watched Joe Klemmer and Kevin Knorr gets some serious air.

We were all incredibly impressed by what the Duthie guys have done. It’s obvious that they have access to financial backing and a huge volunteer work force.

They have about eight miles of trail. It’s very cool because it runs through a forested area and the soil is incredible, with a lot of small rock mixed in that makes it rideable in virtually any weather.

There isn’t a lot of climbing, but each time you go up you get a big reward. The berms are beyond belief and make it possible for even mere mortals to rail them.

Dave and I both commented that we rode gnarlier stuff at Duthie than at Colonnade because the features are part of the flow and you don’t have time to think. You just ride them. It was set up perfectly with easy and difficult lines clearly marked.

In addition to the trail, they have built a number of great features, including graduated drops for practice, two pump tracks, skinnies, and some big-ass stuff that is for people with legitimate skill.

We got rained on pretty good and then it started snowing. By the time we got back to the vehicles, there was about two inches of snow on the ground and we were so cold we could barely change our clothes.

It was a great trip, and we picked up some tips about trailbuilding and about things that are or are not applicable to the CR Bike Park.

Nice video from Kelley on Ryan’s Eternal Flow at Duthie. However, the camera does not come close to showing how steep the downs were.

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