Bike Park Total Surpasses 1,000 Hours

A small crew got together to work at the Castle Rock Bike Park on Sunday, February 12th. Volunteers included Ryan McMaster, Dave LeMonds, Bob Horness, Vaughn Martin, Steve Reed, Jon Van Natta, Don McMaster, Chris Laughlin, and myself.

We added 27 hours to our total to push us to 1,021.5.

We were only onsite for three hours, but we knocked several things off the list:

  • Completed a ramp up onto the north common area
  • Shaved the berms to match the height of the elevated trail; they are packing really well
  • Added a 4 x 4 to the feature running parallel to the paved trail
  • Added gravel between several transitions
  • Ryan’s dad also split the full-length pole, and the materials are beautiful; we are debating how to make the best use out of this stuff

To keep the momentum going, we will be planning smaller work parties like this one – probably involving 8 to 12 people – during March and April. If we can get more poles and have some dirt staged on the west side, we should be able to complete the elevated trail and begin work on the drops.

As usual, we will do our best to have things organized to maximize the hours spent onsite.

Bob Horness (left) and Dave work on the ramp up onto the north common area. Sadly, Patterson and Lipton were not available to watch them work.
(L-R) Ryan, Jon and Vaughn doing berm work
Check this beautiful material cut by Don McMaster


Steve Reed tests the elevated trail

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