Growlers Gulch Racing Aiming for Spokane

A large contingent from Growlers Gulch Racing will be heading to the 24 Hours Round the Clock race in Spokane over Memorial Day weekend. The event begins at noon on Saturday and finishes at noon on Sunday.

There are a number of categories, including solo, two-, four- and five-person, with single speed and age groupings available. Each team must also have a support person. Check the info here.

Things are still a little up in the air, but the Godfather’s sources are reporting that the following may be participating:

  • Solo women: Denise Livingston, with Jeff Muldoon or Ann Spencer handling support.
  • Two-person open: Juntu Oberg and Dara Muldoon, with Shane Oberg as support.
  • Two-person open: Paul and Mel Norris. Yes, MelandPaulie will hit their second 24-hour race of the year, following their appearance at 24-Hop in February. Kelley Hinkle will provide support.
  • Four-person open: Jerry and Andrea de Ruyter and Joe and Marie Klemmer. If they end up going, watch out for this group.
  • Four-person open: Greg Ogden, Miles Olin, John Kowalski and ??? The Wild Bunch is looking for a fourth. Contact Greg at if you are interested.
  • 5-person 250+: The AARP Chapter of GGR consists of Jeep, Dave, Ryan McMaster, Bob Horness and Dr. Brigman. Mitchell Rohl will handle support. We have paid our entry fee and are now making feeble attempts at training. Initially, we thought there was going to be a 300+ category. In that case, Bob, Lance, Dave and I would have only needed a 58-year-old to round out the team. When we learned that 250+ was the max category for age and that we’d be competing against the younger guys, we picked up Ryan. He may be riding extra laps.

There is a rumor that Paul will be bringing a keg from Catalina Brewing (He and Mel have a share of this company). Needless to say, there is the potential for this to be a party atmosphere.

Check the website, talk to your ride buddies and see if you can put something together. You don’t have to win to have a good time. Besides, it will give you something to train for.



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  1. If I am in that area at that time, I will be there for support where it is needed!!! I wish I could have joined Juntu and Dara, But I have no idea what I will be doing at that time. Sorry girls!!! 🙁

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