Growlers Gulch Trail News

We have a goal of adding three miles of single-track to the GG system each year. Last year was our most productive of all time, with the addition of Legacy, WTF, Vortex and Little Sister, for a total of approximately four miles.

This year, we have completed Plan B, Hawg and A-Bomb, giving us about three new miles.

There is more on tap.

  • From Vortex to the Hawg – We’ve been dreaming for a long time of connecting the upper part of the system with a trail running north of Jekyll all the way to the far end of the Hawg. Jeff Edgell has taken this on and has finished nearly seven-tenths of a miles.
  • Creek Trail to Double D – Dave has been a little crochety lately – nothing new there – because we have focused on other projects and bypassed his proposed line up the Monahan Creek. When completed, this trail will allow riders to come off Double Down, jog right and pick up this line all the way to the Creek Trail system. It should be a beautiful route.
  • Spike Loop – Joel Rogauskus is exploring a line that would come off the south side of Legacy, roll down to the creek and then climb to the clear cut. This trail would be located west of the current Spike downhill coming off the north face. If it can be built, the loop would allow us to use this route in the 5K and other Growlers events; currently, that isn’t possible because we would have up and down traffic on the same line. If Joel can make it work and get it well flagged, this will likely be our focus for the 2012 mega-work party.
  • The Resurrection of Mr. Rogers – Okay, it’s not a new trail, but it has not seen many wheels in the past two years. If you’re not familiar with Mr. Rogers, it runs between the road and Terminator. While JLS features a lot of big-ass overs, Mr. Rogers’ claim to fame is that it has always had “interesting stuff” – including stump drops, overs, log rides, bridges, and multiple opportunities for carnage. Two years ago, a wood hunter packed off two of the bridges we’d built on Mr. Rogers, and that killed a lot of the buzz. Dave and I have pledged to bring this trail back and are making a guarantee that it will be gnarlier than ever.

Take a look at the clip shot by Ryane Olin, while riding with Greg Ogden, Miles Olin, and John Kowalski. You’ll see Mr. Rogers from about 1:40 to 3:00. You will also see people eating shit. Fortunately, Miles is young and still bounces.

We will probably have a series of small work parties throughout the year. I will keep you in the loop.

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