Elevated Trail Now Complete!

My hat is off to the people who showed up and worked their asses off at the Castle Rock Bike Park on Sunday, despite the usual inclement conditions. Deep in my heart, I know you guys are losers, but I can’t help but love you.

I was expecting a crew of 16. We had 24 people onsite, and we were incredibly productive. The crew included Dave LeMonds, Vaughn Martin, Bob Horness, Mike Patterson, Ryane Olin, Nicole Pederson, Kevin Knorr, Melanie Norris, Greg Ogden, Randy Toney, Camie Toney, Ryan McMaster, Jeff Lipton, Travis Degn, Sasha Degn, Steve Reed, John Kowalski, Barry de Semple, Juntu Oberg, Chris Crosby, Josh Crosby, Marc Kranz, Eli Kranz, and myself.

The biggest accomplishment was completion of the elevated trail, which links the north and south common areas and is the dominant feature on the east side of the site. Approximately 275 feet in length and constructed to be rideable throughout the year, the elevated trail should increase traffic at the bike park almost immediately. After a large crew planted the posts, Dave and Randy took it from there and did a great job.

Bob Horness and Vaughn Martin trimmed out the back of the middle berm with fence boards and also did trim work on the insides of all three berms. Everything looks much better now.

We made huge progress on the area where our five drops will be located on the west side. I’m guessing that we moved about 20 yards of material by hand during the day. We also built run-up ramps for the berms and completed the top deck. The run-outs are still real mucky and will require some tweaking, but the majority of the structural and dirt work is finished and that is a major accomplishment.

The other prominent feature we worked on was a lengthy skinny engineered by Ryane Olin. It runs along the road on the west side and is very challenging, featuring a teeter-totter, rocks, posts, slabs, and other assorted gnarl. We are probably about 80 percent done and hope to complete it at the April work party.

Never kid yourself. There is only one way to the finish line – Rock on!

Master craftsman Vaughn Martin did big work with berm beautification
Working on the drops was an all-hands-on-deck situation
Slackers taking one of their many breaks - (L-R) Jeff Lipton, Kevin Knorr, John Kowalski, Steve Reed, Greg Ogden, Jeep, Camie Toney, and Mel Norris, with Juntu Oberg (foreground)
The elevated trail is now finished!
Kevin samples Ryane's new feature

3 thoughts on “Elevated Trail Now Complete!”

  1. Jim-

    Thanks so much to you and your team for all the hard work you put into the bike track. It makes me so happy to see Joshua develop a passion for biking. He feels proud to be a part of your group!

    Thanks again,
    Angie Crosby

  2. Again, great work for a great community! I hope to join you in April, let me know the specifics so I can help get the word out.
    CR Chamber

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