Growlers Gulch Racing Recognized as Champions for Healthy Lifestyles

Cowlitz on the Move and Pathways 2020 has announced that it will recognize Growlers Gulch Racing as a 2011 Champion of Healthy Lifestyles.

Pathways 2020 Director Paul Youmans said that GGR’s work  “exemplifies our efforts for everyone to eat smart, play hard and breath free.”

Yes, I know what you’re thinking – the committee evidently ignored those rumors about our beer and gizzard consumption.

The award is given in recognition of GGR’s contributions to area biking in the following ways –

  • Development of the Castle Rock Bike Park
  • Encouraging new riders to get involved in mountain biking
  • Creating and maintaining trails 
  • Providing opportunities for riders of all skill levels 

Mel and I will be there on May 9th accept the award on behalf of everyone involved with Growlers Gulch Racing, but we are well aware that the things we’ve accomplished are not the work of one person or a small group. They are the result of the efforts of everyone who is involved with the bike park, adopt-a-trail, GGG, and the Growlers build and maintenance days.

We have a unique vibe that can be directly attributed to the fact that we have great people. This award is something we can all celebrate together.

2 thoughts on “Growlers Gulch Racing Recognized as Champions for Healthy Lifestyles”

  1. Congratulations GG Racing and everyone at GG.

    Today on the rear of a bus I saw a sign encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle and exercise in Multnomah County, and I thought, if Multnomah County really cared they would do more to promote mountain biking, a form of recreation that brings joy and health. Instead Forest Park trails are closed to us, as the hikers do not want to share ANY OF THE TRAILS. Saturday I took my granddaughter to the Pump track that our club NWTA recently built and I was delighted to see moms and dads and kids, whole families playing on that LITTLE bike track. Castle Rock, a small community is exemplifying what we badly need in Multnomah County.

    Keep it up and perhaps other cities will learn from you.

  2. Very cool! Great job to our unofficial leaders and unofficial members! It must be the beer! Great effort deserves great reward! Beer is cheap reward.

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