GGR History – Take the Quiz

Check your Growlers Gulch knowledge by taking the quiz below. Answers will be provided in a future post.

  1. He will forever be tied to the Egg McMuffin for an incident that occurred at a Tour de Gulch when this rider hurled the breakfast treat not long after the ride began.
  2. At the 2008 GG5K, she wrecked and broke her shoulder nine miles into the ride – but gutted out the remaining 17 miles and also beat her time from the year before.
  3. He broke his collarbone on JLS.
  4. Who is responsible for naming the KMAs?
  5. This veteran GGR member is well-known for the following saying: “You guys are killin’ me.”
  6. When a new guy Jack brought out finished riding this trail he told Jack, “If you ever take me on a trail like that I’ll kill you.” (Laughter follows) “No, I really mean it. I’ll kill you.” Name the trail.
  7. She is sometimes referred to as “the bird with the broken wing” because – despite what we know the reality to be – she often bemoans her alleged lack of conditioning.
  8. Not long after Legacy was built, this rider became so annoyed by the fact that the line weaves back and forth across the hillside that he threw his bike off the trail and engaged in extensive swearing.
  9. When Creation was built, it changed the system. Not only did it pull riders out farther to provide more challenge, it also eventually led to the construction of Legacy, WTF and Vortex. Who designed Creation?
  10. Who is the only rider to win three different GG events?
  11. This beloved GGR trail dog was killed when he missed a corner on the Lewis River Trail and fell off a steep embankment.
  12. What four trails at Growlers were named for beers.
  13. She won the women’s division title at the 2010 GG Climbing Championship.
  14. Who coined the phrase Growlers Gulch Racing?
  15. When we call someone a trail poacher, what does this mean?


8 thoughts on “GGR History – Take the Quiz”

  1. 2 – Mel
    10 – Cage
    12 – Vortex, Bitter Bitch, uh…
    13 – Dara
    15 – Someone who could blow it for everyone else

  2. 2. Mel
    3. Jack
    4. Brother Dave
    6. New Guy
    7. Denise or Mel. take yer pick
    9. Silent Bob
    10. Al Hansen
    11. Rudy (RIP)
    13. Dara

    Ok, thats all i gots

  3. 1. Egg McCrump
    2. Mel
    3. Dave
    11. Rudy
    12. Vortex, Bitter Bitch, A-Bomb, Ace of Spades
    15. Someone who rides the trails but does not help in maintaining or building trails.

    I know I’ve heard most of the others but… what was I saying?

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