Friends of Coldwater to Open Trail at St. Helens on August 26th

Under the banner of Friends of Coldwater, what we hope will be a huge volunteer crew will converge on the north side of Mount St. Helens on Sunday, August 26th, to open Lakes Trail 211 to mountain biking.

We have been working with Monument staff, and they have indicated that mountain biking will be allowed on the 211 by late summer or early fall. This marks the first change in trail access for bikers on the north side of St. Helens in recent memory.

We are aiming for a crew of 100, so this is obviously an all-hands-on-deck situation. This work party will take the place of our annual winter mega-build day at Growlers, so do not miss it.

The 211 is approximately 5 miles in length and leads to a waterfall at the east end of Coldwater Lake. The main focus will be on clearing and benching the trail where necessary. There is also a very large slide near the east end that will require serious attention.

This is gorgeous terrain. The line is benign enough for beginners and beautiful enough to pull everyone out there.

Check this tiny clip that pans the area on the north side of the lake where we will be working –

The efforts of Brian Mahon and GGR have allowed us to ride the 230A Trail at South Coldwater Ridge, directly across the lake from the 211. When the 211 is opened, it – along with a two-mile hike-a-bike section at the east of the lake – will connect to the 230A, giving us a fantastic loop.

Paul Norris will be the point man for this effort. His plan is to break the crew into five groups. Each group will work from its start point – miles 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 – and head east. When a segment is done, the crew will assist other groups until we reach the back end of the lake.

We had previously planned a work day at the bike park on August 26th, but we will reschedule that and focus all attention on the 211. Put it on your calendar now and start recruiting friends.

This is a rare opportunity to be involved in a historic trail day that we believe has the potential to transform the ride situation on the north side of the mountain.

Sign up by leaving a message at the bottom of this post or by emailing me. I will keep you in the loop as we get closer.

  1. Aaron Althaeuser
  2. Deb Baxter
  3. Steve Beatty
  4. Kevin Boma
  5. Norman Bowman
  6. Noah Briller*
  7. Cindy Burg
  8. Brian Butler
  9. Jon Caulley
  10. David Champoux
  11. Jeff Champoux
  12. Andy Crump
  13. Sasha Degn
  14. Travis Degn
  15. Alex DeSemple
  16. Barry DeSemple
  17. Mitch DeSemple
  18. Ted Dodd
  19. Tom Eilertsen
  20. Don Feltham
  21. Steve George
  22. Keith Gianella
  23. Carolyn Gutsick
  24. Tana Gutzka
  25. Ryan Hicks
  26. Randy Hill
  27. Ann Hinkle
  28. Kelley Hinkle
  29. Andrew Holder
  30. Becki Horness
  31. Bob Horness
  32. Kalin Horness
  33. Suzanne Horvath
  34. Jarred Jackman
  35. Andy Jansky
  36. Larry Jansky
  37. Zack Jansky
  38. Glenda Kennedy
  39. Kevin Knorr
  40. Laurie Larsen
  41. James Lasof
  42. Cara Lasof
  43. Sawyer Lasof
  44. Lee Lemmon
  45. Dave LeMonds
  46. Jim LeMonds
  47. Jeff Lipton
  48. Denise Livingston
  49. Susan Martin
  50. Vaughn Martin
  51. Ryan McMaster
  52. Christy Mueller
  53. Dennnis Mulvihill*
  54. Sean Nash
  55. Averie Norris
  56. Mel Norris
  57. Paul Norris
  58. Juntu Oberg
  59. Shane Oberg
  60. Greg Ogden
  61. Miles Olin
  62. Mike Patterson
  63. Andy Plassmeyer
  64. Steve Reed
  65. Gabrielle Roth
  66. David Roulo
  67. Mark Sanchez
  68. Todd Schierscher
  69. Fred Schmidt
  70. Guy Smith
  71. Bob Stanton
  72. Scooter Sutterer
  73. Steve Swearingen
  74. Kevin Templeton*
  75. Steve Ward*
  76. Corey Wiessner
  77. Peter Wiessner
  78. Donnell Wiley*
  79. Colleen Wolfe

30 thoughts on “Friends of Coldwater to Open Trail at St. Helens on August 26th”

  1. Count me in. Probably go up the night before with Jansky for a little camping if anyone wants to join us.

  2. I am planning to be there along with two friends that will be visiting from Australia. I have sent them an invitation to join us but have not heard back. They are even more mature in years than I. One of their claims to fame is that they have ridden folding bikes (Bike Friday) from my house to San Diego via the Coast Route.

  3. Jeep – I can help out before or after that weekend but not on. I have been waiting for this moment to ride the 211 trail. Now history moves on without me… Please let me know what I can do to help prep before the work date.

  4. We should be in great shape by preparing for the 50.
    Be sure to train for 10k of climbing (per Kelley mathematics) and trail building will be a walk in the cold water park!

  5. Thought I had signed up via the Evergreen site, but after looking at this, did not see my name on it. Would love to help, work on trails all the the time and a northern section open to biking would be awesome.


  6. Thanks, Steve. Check the website as we get closer and you will see updates. I will do my best to remember to send you a message with details. If you don’t receive one and we are getting close, just contact me here. – Jim

  7. I’ve submitted an application so that employees of my company can sign up and volunteer, and for those who work Sundays normally, they will get paid for the day.

  8. Count me in. I will try to bring Cage if he has time, anyone leaving from East Portland, I would have room for 1-2 more, depending. Five o three, four six four, six seven six six.

  9. I am coming with Andy Crump, bringing my canoe to help haul the tools (and maybe bikes!) down the lake to the more remote segments…see you tomorrow nite

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