Bike Park Crew Produces Big Results

Another work party produced the usual great results.

A crew of 20 showed up at the Castle Rock Bike Park on Saturday, July 14th to tackle a number of tasks. The group included Dave LeMonds, Rob Larsen, Randy Toney, Kevin Knorr, Chris Laughlin, Tom Eilertsen, Travis Degn, Sasha Degn, Sara Hunter, Ryan McMaster, Turia Pope, Sarah Early, Matt Stuemke, Mike Patterson, Ryane Oline, Nicole Pederson, Greg Ogden, Vaughn Martin and Jeff Lipton.

We moved past 1,700 total hours and have now had 100 people lend a hand.

There were a number of jobs on the list and we were especially focused on prepping the site for the women’s skills camp on August 4th. Here is a look at what we accomplished –

  • Three posts were planted for helmet signs, one for the shelter, and another for the trail along the river. In addition, the basics were set up for the big sign – which is 18 feet in length – that will display tiles for our gold and platinum sponsors.
  • The dirt crew wheeled dirt to cover on all gravel transitions in the log-over area, as well as an area at the base of the booter and on the trail that runs from the north end of the jump lines back to the start hill. These spots were hit several times with the power tamp to solidify them.
  • A large part of the River’s Edge Trail was cleaned up. We will see what we can do to get the remainder pimped out before August 4th.
  • The beginner and intermediate jump lines were tweaked and are in good shape. Major work was done on the advanced jump line, which remains a work in progress.
  • Cut-ends of all top deck were painted with preservative to prevent decay.
  • All log-overs were pinned to keep logs from kicking out.
  • A general clean up of the entire site was completed, with extra materials moved to the west side. 
  • The wall ride was constructed. It will take a while to deal with the dirt work.
  • Two unique transitions were built to take riders from the jumps to the trail that goes back to the start hill.

For the fourth consecutive time, Mark Plotkin of Canyonview Cyclery provided lunch. Mark will be opening his new shop on August 1st. It is located at the old Spaghetti Works side on 14th.

The date for the September work party has not been set. The main goals will be to continue to adjust the advanced jump line and to prep the site for the grand opening on September 22nd.

The dirt crew kills it. (L-R) Turia Pope, Sarah Hunter and Sarah Early. Nicole Pederson in foreground.
The sign is ready for tiles!
Dave works on the wall ride. Is this an OSHA violation?

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