A Little More at the Castle Rock Bike Park

None of these additions would be considered major, but the little things eventually add up.

Wynne Lobel, Paul the Equipment Operator, and I got together last Monday to make a few adjustments in advance of the grand opening on September 22nd.

We have the drops listed as one of the stations for the kids’ challenge. We don’t want to force anyone to go off a drop that freaks them out, so we created this one, right off the road on the west side, as an option.

Ryane had already positioned this pole to create a log ride on the east side of the site. I wheeled in dirt and gravel for a run-up and run-out. Paul brought over the concrete slab you see in this shot. He positioned it perfectly.

This was the tough one.

The City had some extra cement and decided to dump it on the south end of the site. The restrooms will probably go here eventually, but, in the meantime, we decided we might be able to create a low-key feature.

I didn’t think Paul would be able to lift it with the Bobcat, but he was able to pick each piece up just enough for Wynne and me to push the cement blocks under to support it. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it was fortunate that Wynne has super-strength because it took everything we had to budge those cement blocks.

Paul went back to the site the next day and added dirt and gravel for the up and off.

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