Coldwater Crew Gets It Done!

A 70-person crew showed up at Coldwater Lake to open the 211 Trail to mountain bikers. It was an outstanding effort by all involved.

Special props to Paul Norris, Melanie Norris, Andy Jansky, and Andy Crump, who led the effort. Thanks also to crew chiefs Kelley Hinkle, Lee Lemmon, Randy Toney, Kevin Knorr, Dave LeMonds, Ryan Hicks, Ryan McMaster, Bob Horness, and Vaughn Martin.

The work party was organized  under the banner of Friends of Coldwater, with Growlers Gulch Racing spearheading the effort and Northwest Trail Alliance providing big support. Members of Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance also showed up to lend a hand.

We also received great support from the US Forest Service, which staged thousands of pounds of tools for us. Once you ride the 211, you will understand why it would have been both difficult and dangerous to transport digging implements and weedeaters to the work sites. Having the USFS handle this by boat was a key to the day’s success.

The 211 is approximately five miles in length. It goes up and down along the edge of the lake, with the exposure and up-and-down reminiscent of the Lewis River Trail. Features include an extended rock area, gnarly creek crossings, and massive old-growth logs overhead in several spots.

I am confident that the 211 will become a staple for riders from this point on. It features a little bit of everything, including scenery that can only be described as spectacular and challenges for riders of all levels.

We already have access to the 230A Trail across the lake, which is in good shape. The next step will be to clear out a two-mile connector at the back of the lake that will link the 211 and the 230A to give us a loop.







3 thoughts on “Coldwater Crew Gets It Done!”

  1. Thanks everyone that came out! Sorry we worked you so hard, but, it was worth it and will lead to good things.

  2. A huge thanks to everyone who helped to make this day on the Coldwater Lake trail so productive and memorable. The combined effort has been something to behold!

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