McMaster to Host Skills Clinic

Ryan McMaster of Growlers Gulch Racing will be the instructor at a skills clinic at the Castle Rock Bike Park on Saturday, October 13th. The event will begin at 10 a.m. and should be finished by 12:00.

Focus will be on riding the pump track, log-overs, and jump lines, as well as flat drops and sloped drops. Ryan will demo, provide tips, and coach all participants. He will also go through a set of drills that can be practiced at home to improve balance and core strength.

This clinic will be limited to approximately a dozen riders, so if you are interested let me know ASAP. No kids this time around.

Ryan requests that everyone have flat pedals on their bikes for the clinic.

Sign-up list is below.

Sign-up List –

  1. Jack Berry
  2. Becki Horness
  3. Bob Horness
  4. Nic Khajavei
  5. Marc Kranz
  6. J. LeMonds
  7. Rommel de Leon
  8. Jeff Lipton
  9. Vaughn Martin
  10. Greg Ogden
  11. Kirk Olsen
  12. Jon Van Natta
  13. Donn Venema

2 thoughts on “McMaster to Host Skills Clinic”

  1. I can sign up as plans to leave have changed and I really need some help. This falling is killing me!

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