Here’s Where We Are

I’ve had several people ask about the status of trail work during the next few months. As I’m sure you’re aware, this is the time of year when we tend to focus on exploring and developing new lines.

We don’t have a mega-build day planned for this winter. Two reasons. First, we asked you guys to come out for the big effort on the 211 Trail at Coldwater Lake this summer, as well as the 230A a few weeks earlier. Between those two, we have more than 90 people involved. Second, we realize we have asked a lot of you at the bike park. The 2,000 hours we have racked up during the past 18 months didn’t come out of air.

Here’s a general look at where we are and what we have planned –

Coldwater – Paul had planned to hit the 230 connector that would connect the 211 with the 230A. His knee problems and impending surgery have put that on hold until next spring. We’re still trying to determine how we weill handle it but it will either be several average size work parties or a mega-effort to deal with all three pieces – 211, 230 and 230A.

Bike Park – We have a two-day effort scheduled at the bike park this weekend. We are working on a new feature on the west side that will get your attention. The scope of work also includes an addition to the sign, winterization, erosion repair, completion of the quarter-pipe, trimming of the River’s Edge Trail, and continued work on the jump lines. As you can see, we are hardly going to be busy at all.

We want to keep the momentum going and will likely have a work a party every six weeks or so. We are hoping to get access to that grassy area south of the parking area. We need to put together a plan that describes how we will utilize it and I will then need to present it to the Castle Rock City Council.

After having such a great turnout for the grand opening, we are planning to have an annual Bike Park Blowout, probably the third Saturday in September.

Growlers – Several people have contacted me about being part of the Adopt-a-Trail program in 2013. As we get closer to the end of the year, I will be hitting this hard. I realize it’s not a 100 percent success, but it definitely helps. We have too much trail for a handful of people to maintain, so we need as many of you on board as possible.

Right now, the only significant work we are planning is the addition of a line from Cooley’s Loop at the west end of the Creek Trail system all the way up to Double Down. Dave flagged this previously and will be going back to nail things. Once that’s done, we are hoping to set up a series of small work parties to complete the work. 

Other – We are always open to ideas for additional lines. If you have something in mind, let me know.

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