New Line Underway

Dave and I spent about four hours on Saturday working on the long-awaited line that will connect the Creek Trail system with a road near Double Down.

Dave has been pretty testy about the delay in building this trail. He had it flagged and was first on the list in 2010 but got bumped so that we could work on Legacy. In 2011, A-Bomb and the Hawg took precedence. This year, we shifted our mega-build day to the 211 Trail at Coldwater Lake. He’s decided it’s his turn – no matter what the schedule says.

We’ve decided that we will use several small work parties to complete this line. Much of it will go in very easily. In fact, Dave and I have already completed quite a bit of the limbing. We will need to deal with several water crossings, come up with a solid DH line on the top end, and do some benching and raking.

The down running west to east will be a kick in the ass and much of the trail is right along the creek in several spots so it’s very scenic. The up if you are heading east to west? Well, there will be mellow sections and there will be not so mellow sections. Portions of the climb will be doable but demanding.

Make Dave happy. Get your name on the list so that he can get this one off his list.

We are planning to meet at 8:30 on Sunday, November 25th, at the gravel lot just past (west of) Four Corners on the left side. We will drive in and split into a couple of crews if we mave enough man/woman power.

  1. Preston Antisdel
  2. Barry DeSemple
  3. Keith Gianella
  4. Kelley Hinkle
  5. Bob Horness
  6. Glenda Kennedy
  7. Kevin Knorr
  8. D. LeMonds
  9. J. LeMonds
  10. Brian Mahon
  11. Vaughn Martin
  12. Ryan McMaster
  13. Steve Reed
  14. Bob Stanton
  15. Jon Van Natta
  16. Donn Venema

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