Small Crew Keeps the Ball Rolling at the Castle Rock Bike Park

We had a very limited work party at the bike park on Saturday, January 19th. We had a few jobs to complete and some planning to do, so we didn’t require our usual crew of dirt animals.

Ryan, Dave, Greg, Kevin, Randy, and I hit three things –

  • Completed the quarter-pipe. We’d been having trouble determining how to anchor the top row of blocks. Greg came up with an ingenious method for holding them in place with metal straps. We also mixed up some mortar to solidify things. We won’t be receiving journeyman status as stone masons any time soon, but we think we got the job done. This work puts the finishing touches on the drop area. Stop by and give it a try.
  • We did some test riding and decided that several of the log-overs on the beginner and intermediate lines needed better backsides, so we move some dirt to deal with that. Should be a little less jarring next time you hit those.
  • Came up with a plan for the area to the south. The City of Castle Rock granted us access to the dredge spoils hill and the grassy area just to the south of the parking area. The City is planning a street project in March, which means that dirt will be available. To ensure that the trucks can dump the material exactly where we want it, Randy, Kevin, and Ryan did the math for a series of berms that will be added to that area. Riders will get speed coming off the hill, which should allow them to be able to rail the berms. We know there will be erosion problems with the up and down routes coming off the dredge spoils hill. Randy came up with a good idea for holding things in place.

Paul, chief operator for the City of Castle Rock, loves the bike park. He was on call on Saturday. Since there were no calls, he brought the backhoe and Skidsteer to the site. He spread rock to extend the parking area, revamped the entrance and exit to the pipe-over (If you have not ridden the pipe-over, it’s time), and crushed the remaining large pieces of ashpahl and started spreading them on a transition line between the start hill and the shelter.

Riders from Yakima and Cannon Beach showed up to test things out. They were very impressed. One guy had a spectacular endo but no one got a photo of it.

When the dirt arrives, we will need help with that new area. We also have quite a bit of work to do to finalize the gnarly rock lines on the west side. Best guess is that we will have a Saturday-Sunday effort that will require at least 25 people. Expect to hear from me.



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