Crew Needed for Mega-Build at the Castle Rock Bike Park

Our time has been limited in 2013, so we have decided to focus all attention on a two-day build at the Castle Rock Bike Park on Saturday, April 27th and Sunday, April 28th.

The scope-of-work for these two days is huge. It will take great logistics and an excellent crew to complete what we have in mind. Because there are a  lot of smaller projects, I will be contacting people to head crews for those.

Aside from that, the need is for approximately 25 dirt animals each day. As usual, we’re not interested in deep-thinkers. Strong backs and weak minds are preferred. And, yes, that’s why I’m contacting you.

Check the list and you will see that the plan is ambitious to say the least. We will be hitting the following –

  • Up and down lines off the new start hill using pavers
  • Start area at the top
  • Eight big-ass berms
  • Rock garden approximately 12 to 16 feet in diameter
  • Completion of advanced and beginner/intermediate lines on the west side
  • Advanced jump line
  • At least three new stand-alone features
  • Repair bermed corner on elevated trail
  • Two stand-alone jumps

If you can lend a hand on one of these days, please let me know ASAP. I will get you all the necessary info – including start time, lunch arrangements, tools, and crew assignments – as we get closer.

April 27th

  1. Nick Groesz
  2. David Gulick
  3. Tana Gutzka
  4. Bob Horness
  5. Sarah Hunter
  6. April Kincaide
  7. Kevin Knorr
  8. Rob Larsen
  9. J. LeMonds
  10. Jeff Lipton
  11. Susan Martin
  12. Ryan McMaster
  13. Scott Moldenhauer
  14. Sandy Nguyen
  15. Greg Ogden
  16. Ryane Olin
  17. Johnny Pearlman
  18. Nicole Peterson
  19. Steve Reed
  20. Cory Robinson
  21. Brayton Sobolewski
  22. Lorenzo Sobolewski
  23. Mike Sobolewski

April 28th

  1. Josh Anderson
  2. Nicholas Baker
  3. Steve Beatty
  4. Krissy Brunsman
  5. Andrew Holder
  6. Bob Horness
  7. Suzanne Horvath
  8. Sarah Hunter
  9. Kevin Knorr
  10. Chris Laughlin
  11. J. LeMonds
  12. Ryan McMaster
  13. Scott Moldenhauer
  14. Juntu Oberg
  15. Shane Oberg
  16. Ryane Olin
  17. Nicole Peterson
  18. Logan Toney
  19. Randy Toney
  20. Jon Van Natta
  21. Donn Venema

11 thoughts on “Crew Needed for Mega-Build at the Castle Rock Bike Park”

  1. Barely able to add them spam numbers so that must mean I am the perfect candidate for a work party. I will be there on Saturday 27th.

  2. Add Suzanne Horvath and Steve Beatty for Sunday. Will also be bringing a 10 yr. old. Please have her move a bunch of pavers so she’s tired for a week. 🙂

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