Jamieson First at Sea Otter!

Darrell Jamieson of Yeti Racing and Growlers Gulch Racing claimed the top spot on the podium in both downhill and dual slalom in Cat 1 50+ at the 2013 Sea Otter Classic.

In dual slalom, Darrell took on former Pro BMXer Stephen Cleeton from Morgan Hills, California, in the finals. “He beat me in the 2010 finals, but I got revenge this time,” Jamieson said. “The riding at Growlers over the winter put me in great shape, and I was able to outpedal him through the last gates. It wasn’t really close.”

Jamieson said he made several mistakes in the DH race but – because he had chosen to ride his 575 – was able to make up the difference with stronger pedaling.

“Growlers is an amazing place to train for these events,” Jamieson said. “There is a lot of pedaling to rip the Super D trails and there are so many corners. Make no mistake – races are won in the turns.”

Chase Jamieson, 12, finished 23rd among 50 riders in DH. A mechanical sidelined him in the XC. “He was pretty disappointed because out of the 16 miles on the XC course, about 10 was fire road. The kid is spoiled from riding at Growlers.”

Geo Smith was just off the podium, missing the final four in dual slalom by .1 seconds to finish 5th and completing his DH run in 2:43 to place 4th.

Lloyd Smith was .5 seconds off qualifying for the final eight in dual slalom in the Cat 1 25-29 classification. He ran a 2:34 in DH to finish 15th.


Chase with Pro Slalom winner Jared Graves


Darrell demonstrates how to use all of a berm


Chase thinks about getting air




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  1. Great job Darrell. Kudos to Chase, Geo and Lloyd too! I love the photo of Chase getting air.

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