Bike Park Update

If you haven’t stopped by the bike park recently, take a look. We have gotten huge efforts from Chris Laughlin, Tom Eilertsen, and Mike Patterson during the past two weeks. We are hoping that all the trimming they’ve done will last now that that the dry weather is here.

General Maintenance – Patterson picked up a mower for $10 at a garage sale. I used it last weekend on several sections at the bike park and also mowed the River’s Edge Trail from the bike park to the bridge. Brought the chainsaw with me and cut out a tree also. We have some overhang down there and will need to take care of that. I will try to get the mower on the section from the bridge to the north end in the next few days.

Dave Vorse is trying to line up a jail crew to do some trimming in August. If this can be arranged, it will give us a boost in preparation for the Bike Park Blowout on September 21st. You know how it works though – we will almost positively be down there in advance doing last-minute work.

South Side Stuff – Randy Toney and Kevin Knorr are taking care of some dialing that needs to be done on the south side. The ramps Kevin built didn’t hold so he and Randy are plotting a new strategy. They are also planning to finish the berms that can be hit by riders coming off the big hill to the south. We got nearly all of the dirt placed at our last work party but tweaking is needed so that riders can maintain momentum as they rail from east to west.

New Feature – It’s a mystery right now but I am planning to add a feature before the Bike Park Blowout. I have some top deck, some four-by-fours, a few pieces of concrete, and the okay to borrow the City’s excavator operator for a couple of hours. Still trying to determine where to place it and how to maximize the fun factor for the kids.

Bike Park Blowout – I have not revved up the publicity machine yet, but we have made significant progress with planning the Bike Park Blowout on Saturday, September 21st. Just a heads-up that there is plenty on the local calendar that day, including the Tour de Blast and the Sandblaster. Get it on your calendar now. We will need 25 to 30 volunteers to man/woman the stations.

Here’s what we have so far –

  • Minuteman Press has generously agreed to again print helmet stickers, stations signs, and directional information for us
  • The City of CR and North County Rec will again barbecue hot dogs and provide chips for lunch, with CR Mayor Paul Helenberg leading the cooking crew
  • We are planning to up the number of challenge stations from 10 to either 12 or 15 to spread the kids out as much as possible. Kids receive stickers for completing or attempting each station. Those who have 15 or more will receive a “Champion” medal supplied by Jerry and Andrea de Ruyter
  • Cowlitz County Tourism is printing an 11″ x 17″ flyer for us that will be distributed in advance to area schools to promote the event

Still plenty to do but we will make sure things get nailed. One thing to remember – We put a ton of work into this project; it’s only worthwhile if people actually use the bike park. Do what you can to promote it.


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