Birthday Party at the CR Bike Park

As the pre-function for his 11th birthday party, my grandson Carter decided to celebrate at the Castle Rock Bike Park. All four of my grandsons – Carter, Cameron, Sam, and Nick – were on hand, as well as two of Carter’s buddies from school and family friends Hope and Hayley Grinnell.

Things got serious when I issued a challenge – there was one point available for cleaning each of eight features I selected. Suddenly, everyone was paying attention. We were down there for 2.5 hours and had a great time.

The crew getting ready
Sam is all business when points are on the line
Hayley and her sister, Hope, did a great job despite having cruiser bikes
Cameron railing the elevated trail
Nick is the youngest grandson but he has legit skill
Carter bombs the big hill on the south side
Credit to Carter's friend Jacob who tatered himself at last year's birthday event but was back for more
How can it be a ride if there's no blood?

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