Reconfiguring HelensFest

HelensFest will undergo a significant change in 2014. The plan is still in its infancy but these are the things I’m pretty sure about –

  • David Anderson has passed the torch to Paul and Melanie Norris, who will be running point in 2014. You can expect Growlers Gulch Racing to be heavily involved in logistics.
  • Mel is already lobbying to see if the USFS and Monument officials will significantly increase ridership, which was previously capped at 65.
  • Barring a charge for being shuttled somewhere, there will be no fees paid by participants – other than a minimum of 10 documented hours of trail work prior to the event. Paul has made it clear that HelensFest will be an opportunity for those who have stepped up to build and maintain trail to get together for rides and plan future projects. Best guess is that it could be a tough ticket, especially if Mel is not able to get the Monument people to expand capacity.
  • Details to come about documentation but we are virtually certain that Evergreen, Wenatchee, Growlers, Camas, Lacamas, Cold Creek, Cyclepath, NWTA, and others will be on board with posting trail building/maintenance opportunities and tracking hours.
  • It is likely that there will be a trail-building component in the form of demonstrations by experts like Jerry de Ruyter.
  • Every group that attends in will be charged with bringing a keg from a brewer in their area. It should make for an interesting Saturday night.
  • No specific dates have been set but it is likely the event will be moved to August.
  • We plan to have a wide range of guided rides that are publicized well in advance. These will include the south, west, and north sides of St. Helens and more.

Props to David Anderson for having the vision to get this event off the ground. I know that Paul, Mel and everyone at GGR is committed to doing it justice.

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