New Jumps Ready at CR Bike Park

Thanks to Dave LeMonds, Jeff Lipton, Mike Patterson, Andy Wilson, Randy Toney, Andy Plassmeyer, Kevin Knorr, and Bob Horness for their work at the bike park on August 25th.

Our goals were to re-tool the jumps on the south side and tweak the berms as well. We were able to accomplish this in just a few hours.

Kevin had built wooden jumps but they broke down so we replaced them with pavers and filled them with cement. These should set up quickly and add a great new feature to the park. Riders can rock down the left line coming off the south side start hill with real speed when they hits these jumps.

We also did quite a bit of work on the mega-berms on the south side. Riders can hit these coming off the steepest line from the top of the start hill. Again, legit speed can be generated.

Things are still a little loose over there so things will need to set up before the berms can be ridden from one end to the other. We will keep working on it.

We plan to be on site several times between now and the Bike Park Blowout to do ongoing maintenance. I also have an idea for a weird-ass feature and hope to have that ready by September 21st.

We want to see smile on people’s faces on the 21st!

Front sides of the south side jumps should now be solid
The crew works on Berm Valley
L-R: Jeff Lipton, Bob Horness, and Logan Toney at the top of the start hill

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