Great Tool Available for True Dirt Animals

Dale Cooper of Longview is manufacturing a tool that has garnered a lot of attention. It’s called the Brookski.

It was invented by Rich Brooks, a back country horseman who has done trail work for 20+ years in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

Veteran trail dog Tom Faubion of the Pierce County Back Country Horsemen had this to say about the tool: “I have dug more trail than anyone I know and there is no tool to equal it for any price. I have used all of the available trail tools and none are even close.”

The Brookski’s popularity is growing for several reasons.

First, it weighs only 3.25 pounds and is 47 inches in length. The handle is longer and the head lighter than that of an adze or mattock, which means you can work longer with less back strain. The edge is sharp and the face is large so more dirt gets moved as a result.

Second, Dale is offering a lifetime guarantee for breakage. He has sold many Brookskis and has only had to re-weld one (The Brookski will not replace a Pulaski when it comes to chopping roots or prying rocks).

Third, the price is right. Dale is currently selling the Brookskis for just $30, with a reduced rate available if multiples are ordered.

I can either put you in touch with Dale or we can put together a group order if people are interested. Let me know.

Orders –

  • Preston Antisdel – PD***
  • George Barnett – PD***
  • Jack Berry – PD***
  • Gail Bishop – PD
  • John Bravard – PD***
  • Lance Brigman – PD***
  • Brian Butler – PD***
  • Ryan Chilton – PD***
  • Jerry DeRuyter – PD***
  • Barry DeSemple – PD***
  • Ed Fischer (2) – PD***
  • Randy Hill – PD***
  • Andrew Holder – PD***
  • Bob Juntunen – PD***
  • Bob Keeney – PD***
  • Bill Larson – PD***
  • D. LeMonds – PD***
  • J. LeMonds – PD***
  • Paul Norris – PD***
  • Shane Oberg – PD***
  • Greg Ogden – PD***
  • Ryane Olin – PD
  • Steve Reed – PD***
  • Dan Sprouse – PD***
  • Bob Stanton (2) – PD***
  • Mike Van Hoose – PD
  • Donn Venema – PD***
  • Timothy Wilder – PD***


19 thoughts on “Great Tool Available for True Dirt Animals”

  1. I have used the tool for years with Dale up in Gifford Pinchot and also at Growler’s when I was active there. Best tool out there.

  2. You need to reactivate yourself at Growlers, Cooley. You’re the only person with a trail named after them. Dave is on your ass to live up to your reputation.

  3. I will take one. Just let me know how to get the money to you. I can leave it at Canyonview or mail to you.
    Bob Keeney

  4. Thanks, Bob. I will get back to you once I confirm price and delivery. I am assuming they will be $25 since we are ordering a few but I need to get confirmation.

  5. Please add me to the list for one, Jeep. I’ve used one of these on hiking trail maintenance and would love to own one for myself. It’s a great tool.

  6. Jeep

    I will take one too! Looks like a great one!

    thanks for organizing last weekend, we had a blast!!

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