Salute to Cyclepath, Camas Bikes, Canyonview Set for December 1st

Growlers Gulch Racing will host a group ride at GG on Sunday, December 1st.

Whether we are working at Growlers, Coldwater, the Castle Rock Bike Park, or elsewhere, we have consistently┬áreceived huge support from Cyclepath, Canyonview Cyclery, and Camas Bikes. We’d like to provide a little payback. Everyone from GGR is also welcome.

We will try to set up the groups by experience and ability to some degree, but the focus will not be on pace. The goal of the ride guides will be to educate people about the system, to the point that they can come up and hit several routes on their own. Yes, this means stopping, creating stick maps, and drawing pictures in the dirt to explain what options are available from various points in the system.

Start time is 10 a.m. We’ll see how the weather treats us that day. If things work out, we will finish at 2. Let’s have everyone from GGR park at 465 (do not drive into the grassy areas along my driveway). Everyone else can park at the top of the hill. Post-ride plans are in the works.

We will make sure everyone gets taken care of.

If you are in, let me know.

  • Preston Antisdel
  • Noah Briller
  • Krissy Brunsman
  • Christopher Burge
  • Virginia Calme
  • Craig Collins
  • Jenny Collins
  • Sean Cook
  • Andy Crump – Guide
  • Barry de Semple
  • Ted Dodd
  • Ben Fischler
  • Michael Gallagher
  • Pete Gardner
  • Tim Goodall
  • JP Guterl
  • Tana Gutzka
  • Andrew Holder – Guide
  • Bob Horness – Guide
  • Darrell Jamieson – Guide
  • Ken Kirklie
  • Jonathan Kuipers
  • Bill Larsen
  • Dirk Larsen
  • Rob Larsen – Guide
  • Jesse Lea
  • D. LeMonds – Guide
  • J. LeMonds – Guide
  • Jeff Lipton
  • Denise Livingston – Guide
  • Mitch Lomacz
  • Jon Miller
  • Lura Moomau
  • Dennis Mulvihill
  • Johnny Pearlman
  • Dan Porter
  • Christian Reed
  • Steve Reed
  • Mark Sanchez
  • Kris Siewell
  • Dan Sprouse
  • Bob Stanton – Guide
  • Jon Van Natta
  • Donn Venema
  • Sean Vergillo
  • Justin Wagner



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