Castle Rock Bike Park Still on the Radar

Growlers Gulch Racing has invested 2,500 hours in the Castle Rock Bike Park since 2011 and has completed the build-out of most of the site. We plan to be involved again in 2014, but the time commitment should be greatly reduced.

Hats off to a great group that has agreed to again serve as an informal board of directors for this project – Ryane Olin, Nicole Peterson, Chris Laughlin, Dave LeMonds, Kevin Knorr, Randy Toney, Mel Norris, Greg Ogden, and Jeff Lipton.

A quick check of the list below will let you know that most of the work planned for 2014 will be minor. Here’s what we’re looking at –

  • Maintenance is our #1 concern. We get big vegetation grow-out from April through July and it takes a concentrated effort to keep it under control. Last year, Chris, Tom Eilertsen, and Mike Patterson carried most of the maintenance load. We need to give them a hand in 2014. There’s an outside chance the county jail crew might be able to provide some help, but this is not something we can count on. One possibility is to get as many commitments as possible from people willing to spend about two hours at the park weedeating and/or mowing during those months. Our core group is likely to handle much of this but it’s possible we will need additional help.
  • Signage is our other big focus. As you probably know, despite the installation of a protective covering, we’ve had vandalism damage to the tiles Paul Norris installed for the major donors. We have decided to take down the tiles and replace them with a metal sign designed by Greg Ogden. It will include names of all donors. We will do as much as we can to keep it secure.
  • Drainage at the park has been remarkable. We did far less underground piping than expected. The work we’ve done to route water in the past two years has really paid off. Stop by the day following a big rain and you’ll see how quickly the site recovers.
  • Concrete pipe was recently delivered to the site by the City of Castle Rock. We plan to use it to create a feature on the north end of the park. If you have ideas, let me know.
  • A big-ass log is on display at Lion’s Pride Park as you come into town. I’d love to get an old growth chunk for the bike park. It would take some ingenuity, but I’m thinking we could create a horizontal ride on top and a monster log-over as well. Dave Vorse is doing what he can to track one down for us.
  • Pavers may be added to the insides of the big berms on the south end of the park to create a more stable surface. The pavers have worked well in a number of other places in the park so it’s likely we will go that route again in this case.
  • The second jump on the south side needs to be adjusted. Kevin says this will give riders better lift.
  • The advanced jump line will get attention from the dirt dogs again this year.
  • The wall ride has never really been in play. We will be addressing ways to change that.
  • The Bike Park Blowout is set for Saturday, September 13th. Things really fell into place last year. We kept it simple, and it worked great. GGR will be in charge of publicity, park preparation, station signs, directional signs around town, and volunteers. North County Rec will handle lunch and the Castle Rock Baptist Church will provide water. The kids have a blast at this event and it’s a great way to show off the park. Just a heads-up that we will need approximately 35 GGR volunteers to make this work. Trust me, it will put a smile on your face.

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