Labor Day Spike Crossing

Sunday’s Golden Spike crossing saw approximately three dozen riders make the trek. This may have been the largest group crossing in Spike history. Best of all, there was limited carnage and everyone had a great time.

I’ve said several times in recent posts that I enjoy adventure riding. Joel Rogauskas did not disappoint. A standard Spike ride has plenty to offer – 20 miles of varied single-track featuring great views and a sweet combination of technical riding, challenging climbing, and rocking descent.

Joel upped the ante by taking a wrong turn when we reached the spot where logging has been going on. This expanded our mileage and climbing significantly as we took several gravel roads that dead-ended. We were forced to backtrack until we found the line. (This is why I do not recommend attempting a Spike crossing without a guide).

We hit the Growlers side and picked up a few trails on the way out. Saturday’s precipitation eliminated the limb droop and had the tread in sterling condition.

By the time I got back to my house, I had 26 miles on my trip-meter and was ready for a nap. We climbed more than 3,000 feet and averaged 7.2 miles per hour. At Growlers and Stella, this is a kick-ass pace.

Joel hosted a great party at his house in the evening. He and Ken Pearson delivered a low-country boil chased with Boneyard RPM. It definitely hit the spot.

Once again, riding the Spike made me think about how fortunate we are to have such fantastic trail in our area. Joel wasn’t alone in building the Spike but he was the driving force and we all owe him.

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