Gingerbread House Features CR Bike Park

A big shout-out to Brooklynn James, who has created an outstanding gingerbread rendition of the Castle Rock Bike Park.

Brooklynn’s creation has been on display at the Broadway Gallery on Commerce and is one of many entries in this year’s Gingerbread Haus Contest sponsored by the Longview Downtown Partnership.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Brooklynn – who is a student at Barnes Elementary in Kelso – has been to the bike park numerous times and loves it.

Brooklynn James, gingerbread artist
Brooklynn James, gingerbread artist

One thought on “Gingerbread House Features CR Bike Park”

  1. Nice job Brooklynn! The payoff for many hours labor at that the CR Bike Park. Thanks to everyone involved and who have supported this project for the kids.

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