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I’m not a fan of having a work party every other weekend. Because of the logging, we ended up having four builds this year. That doesn’t include Coldwater, SHIFT, or a possible work day at the Castle Rock Bike Park.

My focus has been on laying out small projects that can be taken on by one person or a small crew. They have the freedom to do the work as it fits their schedules. This has been very successful.

I will maintain this page on a regular basis, updating the work that needs to be addressed. If you are interested in handling one of the jobs below, or in making a dent, let me know. I can provide directions and details.

In-Progress or Not Yet Started

  • Plan B, Deja Vu, and Upper Jekyll clean-up. All need a walk-through with the weedeater.
  • BAP repair. Severe damage was deliberately done to the south end of BAP by a four-wheeler. Cribbing needs to be put back in and the line needs to be widened.
  • Trust Me clean-up. Most of this one is standing tall. The area that needs love is from the intersection with Legacy to the big trees where the DH starts. Weedeater will get the job done.
  • Dead Left clean-up. All other trails in this area are in good shape. This one needs limb pick-up, brush cut-out and more. It’s only about .5 miles from the farm gate so won’t take much time to get there.
  • Bridge repair on Ace of Spades. Michael Inbody has volunteered to take a look. Creation bridge is done.

Completed 2016 Projects

  • Bridge at bottom of Without a Paddle. The last (most eastern) bridge on WOP was taken out by the loggers. Thanks to Kelley for installing a new one. ***FINISHED***
  • Brush work on Legacy. Wayne Nussbaum, Ben McCormack, Andrew Bauer, Troy Brightbill, and I to it done. ***FINISHED***
  • Clean Dirty Circus. Kevin Knorr and Randy Toney spent a lot of time on this trail, which parallels Vortex. The upper portion could use a walk-through with the weedeater. I hit this in early July. ***FINISHED***
  • Rake-off the west section of Ace of Spades. Tana and Vincent did a great job on the loop. Only a couple of hundred yards remain. It’s a little difficult to locate, but I can give you directions. Vincent and I put the finishing touches on this one. ***FINISHED***
  • Clean-up of second and third Road Trails and False Hope. These are right along the 312. After talking with the Weyerhaeuser project manager, it appears these trails will not be logged for several years. We need to bring them back into play. One tree down on the second Road Trail that I will take care of with the chainsaw. Other than that, it’s most general clean-up and rake off. You could easily park at the intersection and walk to this area. The Road Trails are done and False Hope just needs a little work.
  • Clearing and dirt work on the left leg of Double Down. The plan is to bring this section back and convert the three pieces of DD into a single trail. Randy Hill and Michael Inbody have gotten a great start up there. Once it’s cleared, dirt work will be needed to add to the fun-factor. Best-guess is that they are about one-third to one-half done. ***FINISHED***
  • Rake off of Without a Paddle. Beautiful trail needs love. Vincent is on it. ***FINISHED***
  • Limbing on ABV and Trust Me. It’s always the story with newer trails. Once dry weather arrives, the limbs droop and trimming is needed. Nic Wentz and Brandon Ericksen did big work on ABV. ***FINISHED***
  • Clean-up of Little Sister. The lower section just needs to be limbed up a bit. The upper portion needs a rake-off and some limb work. Scott Broadway has agreed to take this one on. ***FINISHED***
  • Rake-off of JLS. There is one tree down near the start, but we can leave it and make it into an over. Just need to cut a few limbs and determine if anything is needed on the front or back side. Quite a bit of debris on the trail. Ben Milstein took care of this. ***FINISHED***
  • Limbing of Legacy. Jeanine, Greg O’Brien, Mike Sobolewski, and Andrew Bond have been chipping away at this. It is essentially done and the line should stay in good shape for a while. ***FINISHED***
  • Dirt work on Water Buffalo. Ben has already done the cut-out on this very short piece that connects Buffalo to Watershed. It needs benching in several places. I’m guessing it’s only about 150 yards in length. Brian Butler and his granddaughter did the job. ***FINISHED***
  • Rush. We were surprised to learn that Rush and the most-western Road Trails will probably not be logged for several years. Some work has been done to reopen Rush, which would be a great option for getting to the bottom of the system. I will do some recon up there and see how much remains. This trail definitely needs to be brought back. Rob, Vincent, and I got nearly all of the first two-thirds cleared. The line will kick out to the gravel for about 125 yards before resuming at the end of the Ridge. ***FINISHED***
  • Three or more trees down on Co-Pay. Bob Horness cut out these and several others throughout the system. Kim, Ben, and Jeanine cut one on Trust Me┬ábut weren’t able to get it out of the line. We’ll call it good for now. ***FINISHED***

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  1. I’m happy to help with Double Down (not sure where it is though.,.). I’ll keep chipping away at limbing as well.

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