Attendance Record Falls at TDG XIX

Tour de Gulch XIX took place on a perfect biking day, with a record 70 riders on hand to celebrate mountain biking and great trail. We got misted by a handful of raindrops while riding, but that was it. Things remained dry through the after-party.


With so many riders, some carnage was unavoidable. Bob Horness failed on a double on Trust Me, shot hard right, smacked into a tree, and destroyed his new carbon Ellsworth. I’ve seen some broken frames, but this was like a through-and-through gunshot. As always seems to be the case, even though the bike was decimated, Bob walked away without a scratch.

Mark Crump, Andy’s brother, made a less-than-triumphant return to Growlers.20160618_081317 Back in the day, Mark attended a couple of TDGs as part of the now-defunct Killer Burritos (Clearly a discriminating group because they would not allow Andy to become a member). Not sure how he did it, but Mark rammed a stick into the back of his knee. Kim McCormack put her nursing skils to use, cleansing the wound and wrapping it. When Kim said, “I think he’s got some fatty tissue hanging out of the back of his knee” I elected not to look.

This was Jeanine Fallacara’s first time as a ride guide. Let’s just say she gave her group members their money’s worth. Jeanine had a long list of trails she planned to hit. With 1:00 set as the return-for-the-party time, most people would have said, “Well, we aren’t going to be able to get to some of these trails.” Not Jeanine. She made her guys finish every one of them. It only took them 5.5 hours to get back.

Notes: This was the 19th Tour de Gulch for Jeff Lipton and myself. Others who have joined the festivies many times include Susan Martin, Andy Crump, Joel Rogauskas, Dave LeMonds, Vaughn Martin, and Bob Stanton. In fact, Joel and Bob were at the very first TDG. . . Great to see Lance Brigman at this year’s event. Just a few months out from a cardiac incident that no mere mortal could have survived, the Doctor let us all know he is on the way back. . . We took this occasion to wish a hapy 79th birthday to the inimitable Vaughn Martin. Who completes a GG5K at this age? Only one person I know.

Among those riding in their first TDG were Brad Crowe, Ben Belli, Brandon Ericksen, Nic Wentz, Logan Toney, Aaron Hendrick, Ethan Brightbill, Bill Miller, Zack Milohov, Joe Santos, Kaleo Silva, Males Ana Silva, Ben McCormack, Kim McCormack, Shane Skinner, Noah Shaw, Darryl Kent, and George Yumul. . . A big shout-out to our fantastic ride guides: Bob Horness, Kelley Hinkle, Vaughn Martin, Jeanine Fallacara, Tana Gutzka, Kim McCormack, Dave LeMonds, and Troy Brightbill. .  . What would we do without the people who truly make it happen? We are indebted to Sherry LeMonds, Kim Hanley, Diane LeMonds, Chelsey LeMonds, Kami LeMonds, Rhonda Hennessey, and Carley LeMonds for all their hard work. . . Thanks to everyone who donated to the loaner fleet maintenance fund. We raised nearly $200. . . One more huge thank-you to Mark Plotkin and Canyonview Cyclery for sponsoring this year’s TDG.

Maybe a vid later in the week. For now, let’s go with this one courtesy of Brandon Ericksen.

2016 TDG


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