Big Crew Completes Work at Falls Creek

A crew of 42 – including several from Growlers Gulch Racing – made the long journey to Falls Creek to complete work on a key reroute on this beloved trail.

The work was headed by Northwest Trail Alliance, with Jerry and Andrea de Ruyter, Andy Jansky, and Andy Crump doing much of the planning. Crump said the reroute, which was begun last year, is finished and rideable the entire way. The U.S. Forest Service has signed off on the work, so the project has official approval.

Special shout-outs to Charlie Biggs, who made a huge paella for the crew on Saturday evening and followed that with his famous chorizo breakfast burritos on Sunday morning.

Thanks also to Jocelyn Gaudi from Portland Design Works, who was the central sponsor for this event; to Dan’s Tractor of Battle Ground, which supplied a mini-excavator; to ERS Excavator Rentals, which provided a screaming deal on machine use; and to Crestline Construction, which fronted the NEPA study that totaled nearly $5,000.

And, of course, thanks to all of the fantastic volunteers.







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