SHIFT Ride Schedule

All roll-outs will be from Marble Mountain unless otherwise noted. Be on time.

If you have questions, contact the ride guide.


J. LeMonds ( – Friday @ 9: Red Rock to Blue Lake to Huckleberry Saddle and back. I already have four kids and three adults signed up. If you are bringing kids and are interested, let me know. (This is the one ride that will not roll out from Marble. We will meet at Red Rock)

Andy Crump ( – Friday @ 9: Ape Canyon-Smith Creek but without the climb out at the end. Andy will park a car at the bottom so that you can shuttle that last part.

Kelley Hinkle ( – Friday @ 11: Out-and-back from Red Rock Pass to Blue Lake to Huckleberry Saddle and possibly beyond. If you would like to explore the Toutle Trail for several additional miles (It’s spectacular) bring your own vehicle to Red Rock.

Bob Horness ( – Friday @ 1: Ride route to be determined by participants.

Andrew Holder ( – Friday @ 3: Ape Canyon out-and-back.

Kevin Knorr ( – Friday @ 7 – This will be a family/group hike to explore the Ape Cave.

Saturday: Any Saturday rides will take place after the work party. You can round up people at Marble Mountain and make your own determinations about ride routes.


Kelley Hinkle ( – Sunday @ 9: The ride will leave from Marble and will include the Kalama Ski Trail, which we will have hit at Saturday’s work party. It is likely that Kelley will continue on to Blue Lake and possibly to Huckleberry Saddle.

Bob Horness ( – Sunday @ 9: Full-on exploration of the newly-developed trails near Marble Mountain.

Vaughn Martin ( and Kevin Knorr ( – Sunday @ 9: Beginner/intermediate ride of trails near Marble Mountain.

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11 thoughts on “SHIFT Ride Schedule”

  1. Since I’m new to St. Helen’s area trails and people, the names and references aren’t very meaningful. If possible could these be updated with approx distance and level (beg/int/adv)? Approx. elevation gain would be nice too (i.e. 2k vs 6k of climbing could make a difference to some of us :). If not we can always figure it out on site in the morning.

  2. Can you update the info to include the technical level of the trail as well as an estimated of total miles. Thank you

  3. Thanks Jim. Mostly AM kind of ride. More than 4K of climbing and +25mi is a big day for me n Pam. 4-6hrs out is ok. Moderate tech level is ok. Long steep scary chunky descents are not our forte’. Short challenging bits are fine. Rides like Katchess Ridge are within but at the edge of my tech comfort zone.

  4. I will get something up on Google Maps to show the routes and post the links here. I will try to get a profile of the Red Rock – Blue Lake – Huckleberry Saddle ride up also by mid week next week.

  5. make it easy, Crump’s is tough, Andrew decent, Kelley has a little of everything but nothing killer. Me I will accommodate the average of our group.

  6. Okay, I have got some trail info for you.
    Ape Canyon and Smith Creek:
    Kalama Ski Trail:
    Marble Mount and Sasquatch:
    I was not able to come up with a GPS for the Red Rock to Huckleberry Pass but I did write up a brief description.
    Red Rock to Huckleberry Saddle.
    This ride starts at Red Rock pass, located on FS81. From the parking area the trail (the Toutle Trail) climbs up through 1 switchback to cross a lava flow. This section, though mostly ride-able does have some very sharp lava and many places should be walked. I split the side wall open on a tire once in this section because the rock is fractured like obsidian and is very sharp.
    After the short section of lava the trail starts a low grade climb of about 3-4% over the next mile or so.
    There are some short simi-technical lava rock sections to negotiate through the first couple of miles.
    The trail moves through a beautiful old growth timber area for about a mile, starting at about 1.5 miles.
    As the trail leaves the old growth, it has a short hard climb for about a quarter mile before turning into a wide wash.
    The trail leaves the large timber and crosses a wide wash. Weaving through small trees on rubble covered tread to find the edge of ravine.
    The ravine crossing is mostly hike a bike, a short section that is sometimes ride-able on the down slope.
    After crossing the ravine the trail turns to a down slope at a low 3-5% grade. The track contains lots of round rubble rock and is slightly ditched from horse use.
    The trail reaches the Blue Lake junction at about 3.5 miles.
    The track here is filled with lots of rubble in the form of round rock, like riding in a creek bed. It is a short ¼ mile to the creek crossing.
    The stream crossing seems to vary from year to year but usually consists of balancing on rocks and logs, using your bike as a brace, to cross a good sized creek.
    The trail climbs from here for then next couple of miles at about a 7% grade. The tread is smooth forest floor with log water bars. Most all the water bars are negotiable and make great kickers on the descent. The line climbs through large timber until it approaches the top where the timber gives way to some small meadows.
    The top of the climb presents a fast downhill run with one switchback. The track is fast but does have some exposure, though the line has comfortable width.
    The bottom of the short fast run terminates at a trail junction and the turn around spot for this out and back. There is a bridge crossing the stream here and it is a great place to take a break.

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