Volunteer Info for the Bike Park Blowout

Thanks to all of you who are on the volunteer list. Everything about the park since the beginning has been based on the willingness of people like yourselves to donate their time.

If you’re attending the skills clinic, be there by 8:45. I’d like everyone to bring bikes and do some stunt riding in advance of the 10 a.m. start; if you plan to skip the clinic and go that route you should probably be there by 9 or 9:15. Parking gets sketchy for this event. If you just plan to show up late and lend a hand, 9:45 is fine.

You can see assignments below. Each station has a sign (The kids don’t have to proceed in any particular order). Your job is easy. Help the kids who need it. Cheer. Provide encouragement. Tell kids who didn’t make it to give it another shot if they’re not freaked. Bring cowbells if you have them. This is a celebration.

Kids get a helmet sticker for each feature they attempt (I will have stickers for you). In some cases, they will try to cherry-pick the easy features and get all their stickers in one place. Nix that. The little kids can get two if you want, but do your best to send the others on to a different station after one.

When kids accumulate 15 helmet stickers, they can get a medal at the info station.

Lunch is always tricky since the kids eat at different times. If you have a partner running the station with you, hit lunch one at a time and keep the station open. If you are solo, I will try to get a sub while you eat or have lunch delivered.

If you ordered shirts, Sher, Kim, and Diane will have them at the info booth. Things usually start winding down about 1. Bring a lawn chair.

Station Assignments – 2016

Information Booth – Sherry LeMonds, Kim Hanley, and Diane LeMonds

Station #1: Helmet Check – Dave Collins from Peace Health

Station #2: Safety Check – Canyonview Cyclery

Station #3: Small Pump Track – Steve Luther (Unless the kids are real small or having trouble, have them ride three laps for their sticker)

Station #4: Big Pump Track – John and Bryana Kowalski (Try to get them to ride two laps for a sticker unless they are real small)

Station #5: East Side Feature – Chelsey LeMonds and Jeff Lipton

Station #6: Elevated Trail – Juntu Oberg, Andy Wilson, Herb Tai, Sterling Sobczak, Brandon Erickson, Nathan Abel, Fred Schmidt, Tim McCormack

Stations #7: Easy Wooden Feature – Bob and Brenda Smith

Station #8: Boardwalk – Rob and Laurie Larsen

Station #9: Climb – Dave LeMonds and Susan Martin

Station #10: Descent – Dave LeMonds and Susan Martn (If the kids are freaked by that big hill, don’t let them do it. No way can you put a foot down once you get started.)

Station #11: West Side Slab (Bonus Sticker for the Pipe) – April Silva and Sara Carlson

Station #12: West Side Skinny – Chris and Susan Rotvik

Station #13: Log-overs – Darryl Kent and Preston Antisdel (Quite a few of the kids will need assistance)

Station #14: Sprint – Vincent Deluchio and Chris Evenson (move it north)

Station #15: Jump Line – Bob Horness and George Barnett (Check with the kids if they are freaked. We don’t want to be filming a version of Travis Eats Feces)





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