Bike Park Blowout a Hit with Kids, Parents

The weather was perfect, the park was in sterling condition, and the crowd was big and enthusiastic at the Fifth Annual Bike Park Blowout at the Castle Rock Bike Park on Saturday, September 10th.

As you can imagine, helmet stickers, medals, and shirts were all popular with the kids. Thanks again to Troy Brightbill for organizing the shirt purchase and to everyone from Growlers Gulch Racing who donated.

For the first time, we held a skills clinic prior to the main event. Approximately, 20 riders picked up tips about pumping, cornering, climbing, and riding a skinny. Special thanks to Dave LeMonds, Preston Antisdel, Ben Milstein, and Braden Nicholson for serving as instructors.

Three things stood out. First, Peace Health gave out only one helmet. Several years ago, they gave out 30 to 40. Maybe we’re starting to see a little bit of a cultural shift in the right direction. Second, the kids seemed fully engaged when it came to riding. For almost three straight hours they swarmed the park and rode hard. It was great to see. Third, we had more parents than ever go out of their way to tell us how much they appreciate the park and the Blowout.

A big shout-out to Minuteman Press, Canyonview Cyclery, Northwest Recreation Association, the Castle Rock Baptist Church, the City of Castle Rock, and Growlers Gulch Racing for sponsoring this event. Thanks also to Jerry and Andrea de Ruyter for donating the medals.

And I can’t say enough about our fantastic volunteers who ran the stations and made the Blowout possible. Bottom line is this – whether we’re riding, building, or helping at an event, we have the best people.

Volunteers included Nathan Abel, Preston Antisdel, George Barnett, Troy Brightbill, Sara Carlson, Vincent Deluchio, Chris Evenson, Darryl Kent, Bryana Kowalski, John Kowalski, Laurie Larsen, Rob Larsen, Chelsey LeMonds, Dave LeMonds, Diane LeMonds, Sherry LeMonds, Steve Luther, Susan Martin, Ben Milstein, Braden Nicholson, Juntu Oberg, Chris Rotvik, Susan Rotvik, Fred Schmidt, April Silva, Bob Smith, Brenda Smith, Sterling Sobczak, Herb Tai, and Andy Wilson.

A few photos below. I’ll see what I can do about putting a video together.



3 thoughts on “Bike Park Blowout a Hit with Kids, Parents”

  1. Ha ha my a liam is so cute! I had a blast working the bike check station with Kevin will definatly be back to volunteer next year. Both my kids had an amazing time!

  2. Our children learned their agility working these obstacles before they could walk on flat ground steadily. I now have to re-up my game to make sure they don’t show me up on their bikes. The weekend’s event reminded me again of what this is all about. Cheers to everyone who made this possible!

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