What You Need to Know for Sunday’s Chainsaw Massacre

I will have the crew breakdown for you later in the week. For now, here’s what you need to know.

Meet at the parking area just west of Four Corners (about 75 yards through the four-way stop as you’re headed toward Growlers) at 8:30. If these directions don’t suffice, contact me and I will get you specifics.

Weather doesn’t look too bad for November: showers with a high of about 55.¬†You will be able to park near where you will be working, so you can access the vehicle for additional clothing or sustenance. Always wise to bring good gloves and maybe throw in an extra pair.

It will be hunting season, so wear orange or another bright color.

If you are operating a saw, please check it in advance of the build to make sure it’s in good running order. Bring fuel and any tools you need. Big bars are not necessary. Because you will be working through piles of limbs, there’s a good chance you will throw the chain occasionally, so be sure you have tools needed to get it back on.

All other crew members will primarily be pulling limbs. Best tools are long-handled loppers and handsaws. You might also bring a Brookski or similar tool to help pry up the limbs. Dave has been using a pickaroon, which is the equivalent of an axe handle with a metal hook at the end; it works great.

This is going to be a tough build. The focus will be on getting the first part of the line roughed in. Chainsaw operators will need to attempt to cut a 3 to 4 foot swath. You will need to go back repeatedly to cut out new stuff that your swamper has uncovered. In fact, I recommend shutting down your saw occasionally to help your swamper pull limbs.

Because the scope of work is huge, it is not realistic to think that you will get your entire section cut down to dirt by the end of the day. Like I said, try to get the first couple of layers cut down to establish the line for the big crew that will be coming in on December 17.

The after-party will be at the Pastime in Castle Rock. They have good burgers and usually have a couple of decent beers on tap. Unfortunately, they do not allow kids.

The Pastime is easy to find. As you head back across the bridge into CR, take the left onto Front one block before the three-way. It’s on the left about a block and a half to the north. Can’t miss it.

Crew list below. Star indicates that this person is bringing a chainsaw.

  1. James Augello
  2. George Barnett*
  3. Travis Cothren
  4. Jason Crago*
  5. Brad Crowe
  6. Andy Crump*
  7. Vincent Deluchio
  8. Brandon Erickson*
  9. Jon Gustavson
  10. Chris Hildebrandt
  11. Randy Hill
  12. Andrew Holder
  13. Bob Horness*
  14. Michael Inbody*
  15. Jon Jennings
  16. Nic Khajavei
  17. Kevin Knorr*
  18. D. LeMonds
  19. J. LeMonds*
  20. Jeff Lipton
  21. Nick Little**
  22. Steve Luther
  23. Vaughn Martin*
  24. Ben McCormack
  25. Braden Nicholson
  26. Wayne Nussbaum
  27. Juntu Oberg
  28. Shane Oberg*
  29. Greg Ogden*
  30. Mike Packer*
  31. Zach Page
  32. Joe Paul
  33. Eric Shew
  34. April Silva
  35. Gabe Sobczak
  36. Sam Sobczak
  37. Sterling Sobczak
  38. Kelly Stinar
  39. Kevin Templeton
  40. Logan Toney
  41. Randy Toney*
  42. Andy Wilson*
  43. Michael Young*
  44. James Warner
  45. Jeff Wize


13 thoughts on “What You Need to Know for Sunday’s Chainsaw Massacre”

  1. Jeep…I’m an idiot. Already comitted to something that weekend. However, I have a saw available, if someone from PDX wants to get it that week prior.

  2. Jeep,
    Sorry for the late notice. I can make it to the massacre on sunday.
    I’ll also have a saw.
    Jason Crago

  3. Thanks, Jason. Will you be coming up with anyone on the list? Glad you have the saw. We have an incredible amount of work to do. Sunday will just be a start.

  4. Thanks, James. We will be meeting at the parking area about 75 yards west of Four Corners (intersection of PH-10 and Cemetery Road if you are Mapquesting) in Castle Rock. If you need more specific directions, let me know.


  5. Thank you Jim. If anybody needs a ride from Portland, or would like to give me a ride, my # is (503)984-3026. See you there!

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