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The information below is for a small group that will be attending a beer tour sponsored by my financial advisor, Cole Mills. We have a couple of spots available. If you are searching for someone to assist you with finances and would like to join us and meet Cole – there is no pressure to commit to anything – let me know ASAP.

Proposed Plan – Let’s meet at Cole’s office at 10:45 a.m. on Saturday, November 12th. If the weather is nice, we can walk to most of the places. If the weather looks iffy or is bad, we will travel by van. The itinerary belows shows possibilities. We will be living large and will likely adjust on the fly.

Old Ivy is the most likely place for food early in the day. There will also be an opportunity for food later at either Heathen, the Thirsty Sasquatch, or the Brickhouse. Most of the other stops will have only limited food.

If you want to do some advance research, check the links for each place. Note that opening times are just to the right of the addresses.

  • Meet at Waddell & Reed at 10:45. Address is 400 E. Mill Plain. It is on the west side of I-5. Get all car makes, models, and license numbers to Corinna in advance so that we can park in their lot.


  • Trap Door – 2315 Main – 11 (.6 from Cole’s office). They have a mix of regular beers, seasonals, and guest handles. Interesting situation because, while they don’t have food, there are food courts closeby.
  • Doomsday – 1919 Main -12 (.2 from Trap Door). Looks like a small place. About a dozen beers listed on the site. No food at this location.
  • Old Ivy – 108 Evergreen – 11:30 (.6 from Doomsday). Extensive tap list that includes guest handles. Robust menu as well.
  • Trusty – 114 E. Evergreen – 12 (300 feet from Old Ivy). They have about a dozen of their own brews on tap. Food is limited mainly to snacks.

East Side (Driving for sure):

  • Fortside – 2200 NE Andresen – 1 (4.4 miles from Trusty). About a dozen of their own beers. No indication that food is available.
  • Ghost Runners – 4216 Minnehaha – 2:30 (3.3 miles from Fortside). About 15 beers on tap. No food. If it’s getting late or if some of you young people are starting to fade, we may skip Ghost Runners.

Finishing: We’ll be working back toward Cole’s office to finish the day. All three of the places listed below have food. The Thirsty Sasquatch has some very interested taps and is probably the best beer stop. I’m not a huge fan of Heathen beers but their ale house is nice and the food is pretty good.

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