Massacre Opens the Door to Big Changes at Growlers

Thanks to everyone who came out on Sunday to work in very difficult conditions at the Chainsaw Massacre.

We had things dialed pretty effectively, with 17 saws and 26 swampers spread out over several square miles. Our goals were to (1) re-establish some semblance of the old Creek Trail line to eliminate the long gravel stretch in the middle of the system and to (2) begin working on a trail along the north side of the 312 and then turning north in what used to be the vicinity of the old Big Wow.

It always amazes me that we exceed what I project. I was anticipating that we wouldn’t even hit dirt. Instead, the entire line from the Jeep Trail to Without a Paddle is clear. Yes, it still needs buffing but we are down to dirt.

Big progress was also made on the other side of the road. These are both going to be 25-year trails so we are determined to get them right.

We are going to need a massive crew at the Mega-Build on December 17th to get everything done, but I think it’s possible. If you’re not signed up, get your name on the list here.

These are the people who deserve your thanks –

  1. James Augello
  2. George Barnett*
  3. Travis Cothren
  4. Jason Crago*
  5. Brad Crowe
  6. Andy Crump*
  7. Vincent Deluchio
  8. Brandon Erickson*
  9. Jon Gustavson
  10. Chris Hildebrandt
  11. Randy Hill
  12. Andrew Holder
  13. Bob Horness*
  14. Michael Inbody*
  15. Jon Jennings
  16. Nic Khajavei
  17. Kevin Knorr*
  18. D. LeMonds
  19. J. LeMonds*
  20. Jeff Lipton
  21. Nick Little**
  22. Steve Luther
  23. Vaughn Martin*
  24. Ben McCormack
  25. Braden Nicholson
  26. Wayne Nussbaum
  27. Shane Oberg*
  28. Greg Ogden*
  29. Mike Packer
  30. Joe Paul
  31. Eric Shew
  32. April Silva
  33. Gabe Sobczak
  34. Sterling Sobczak
  35. Mike Sobolewski
  36. Marchelo Suarez
  37. Kevin Templeton
  38. Logan Toney
  39. Randy Toney*
  40. Levi Weatherl
  41. Andy Wilson*
  42. James Warner
  43. Jeff Wize


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