Everything You Need to Know for the December 17th Work Party

Find your name on the crew list below. If you have been listed twice, left off or know someone who has, contact me ASAP at seattle0@hotmail.com. I have included a cell number for your crew chief. Call or text if you are running late or won’t be able to make it. 

When to Meet – No later than 8:30. Try to get there a few minutes early so the crew chiefs can sort things out. 

Where to Meet – Your crew chief will have your crew number on his windshield. Do what you can to consolidate vehicles. Your crew chief will lead you to the work sit.

  • Crews 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 will meet at the park-n-ride at Exit 49 in Castle Rock. At the end of the exit ramp, take a left and cross over I-5. The park-n-ride is on the left almost immediately when you cross the freeway.
  • Crews 6, 7, 8, 9, and 12 will meet at Lion’s Park in Castle Rock on your way in from Exit 48. About half a mile off I-5, you will see the restroom at the park on the left side of the road, right along the river. When you turn into the parking, area, go hard left and you will find plenty of parking space.
  • Crews 10 and 11 will meet at the gravel parking area west of Four Corners in Castle Rock. Take Exit 48. At the end of the ramp, head west on Huntington Avenue. Continue until you reach a three-way stop. Take a left onto A Street. Continue across the bridge until you reach a four-way stop. Go straight through the intersection for about 75 yards. The parking area is on the left.

Weather and Clothing – High of 35. Low of 26. Chance of light snow. Dress for it. Consider bringing two pairs of good gloves. Your vehicle will be nearby if you need to get more clothes.

How Long Will We Be Out? – Until about 1. We plan to go balls-out for four hours. Then it’s time to party.

Tools – If possible bring a handsaw or long-handled loppers and at least one dirt tool (McLeod, Brookski, shovel, rake)

Scope of Work – It’s going to be a shock to the system if you haven’t worked in a clear cut before, especially if there is snow on the ground. We did a general cut-out at the Chainsaw Massacre, but it’s very likely that your section will still have many limbs that need to be picked up to get down to dirt. This is the first order of business. After that, your crew chief will focus on dirt work to improve ride-ability. In some cases, extensive benching will be needed.

Where’s the Party? – Porky’s is in Longview at 561 Industrial Way. We would like everyone to stop by if possible. Good food. Great beer list. Massive end-of-the-year raffle. Heading south on I-5, take Exit 36B to Longview. After about 1.5 miles, take the Third Avenue exit. Left onto Third at the light at the bottom of the ramp. Third swings right and becomes Industrial Way. Porky’s is on the left side. You can follow someone if you are unsure about directions. Bring a change of clothes for the party.

Crew #1 – J. LeMonds, Herb Tai, Ben Tai, Carter Hanley, Mike Patterson, Lizzy Fitch, Nic Khajavei, Simon Conde. Al Cabrerra  360.430.4416

Crew #2 – Vaughn Martin, Vincent Deluchio, Steve Luther, Tom Eilertsen, Jim Livingston, Chris Evenson, Adam Graff – 503.308.3295

Crew #3 – Jonathan Kuipers, Jeanne Beko, Taylor Boudreau, Sean Carline, Patrick Croasdaile, Scott Hilson, Patrick Reedy, Laura Schmitt, Dennis Stafford. If you have a plastic bucket, bring it503.860.6506

Crew #4 – D. LeMonds, Jeff Lipton, Wayne Nussbaum, Andy Wilson, Joe Paul, Bill Klingler, Lindsey Kuipers. MM Jenkins, Rob Larsen, Laurie Larsen, Jason Crago –  360.560.5071

Crew #5 – Barry DeSemple, Ben McCormack, Kim McCormack, Fred McGregor, Elizabeth McGregor, Jeanine Fallacara, Kelly Flood, Abra McNair, Sue Grandjean, Scott Ahrens (saw), Brian Peeters – 206.890.5495

Crew #6 – Bob Horness (saw), Braden Nicholson, Dave Haas, Susan Martin, Tana Gutzka, Maggie Rising, John Bravard, Virginie Calmie, Eliot Bravard, Etan Bravard, Jarrad Stanton, John Kowalski – 503.308.2278

Crew #7 – Michael Inbody, Shane Oberg (saw), Juntu Oberg, Tony Daversa, Amy Singmaster, Adam Faren, Greg O’Brien, Danny O’Brien, Mielle Blomberg, Seth Patla, Maria Patla, Brian Abers – 770.596.3784

Crew #8 – Nick Little (saw), Eric Shew, Ed Knight, Sascha Knight, Kris Siewell, Forest Wilson, Pete Gardner, Kelly Gardner, Jeff Champoux, Brad Peterson, Kent Davis, Emmett Harnett, Neil Carpenter206.227.1894 or 360.261.4837

Crew #9 – Randy Toney (saw), Logan Toney, Lee Lemmon, Gabrielle Roth, Britton Gentry, Tim Kalimanis, David Nielsen, Scott Bradway, Kurt Brendley, Thad Harlow, Zach Page, Jon Jennings, Travis Cothren – 360.270.6308

Crew #10 – Andrew Holder, Kevin Templeton, Peter Brickey, Kevin Nagunst, Chalayn Nagunst, Dennis Starkey, Jay Swavely, Brian Butler (saw), Matt Crampton, Thomas Fischer, Scooter Sutterer – 503.753.2421

Crew #11 – Preston Antisdel, Paul Schneider (saw), Russ Speirn, Joe Van Leeuven, Richard Marantz, April Silva, Yael Zbar, Chandra Kern, David Scott, Soleil Scott, Taj Scott, Susan Rotvik, Steve Beatty, Suzanne Horvath 360.597.6587

Crew #12 – Jerry de Ruyter (saw), Joel Rogauskas, Bob Stanton, TIm McCormackDrive about halfway down the Ridge Road. You’ll see orange ribbon at a turnout on the left where you can park. Walk about 30 yards back up the road and you’ll see the trees down on Rush – 360.910.0647

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  1. Jim, I am poorly today and laid up. I will know better tomorrow (Friday) if I’m better. I will make it if I can, but at this point I’m doubtful. Thank you,.
    Neil Carpenter.
    Crew #8.

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