2016 Fitness Report

I track my workouts throughout the year, dividing them into rides, gym workouts, and other (includes power walking, trail work, etc). In 2016, I had a total of 336 workouts – 107 rides, 133 gym workouts and 96 other – and averaged 28 workouts per month.

I achieved my goal of keeping my weight in the 180s, though just barely. I’ve been around 188 for the past two months. Low weight for the year was 178. I also tried to keep my body fat percentage at about 15. It’s closer to 20 right now, but for most of the year it was 15 to 18.

Sher and I also started attending a yoga class, which definitely proved how inflexible I am. Nothing to do but keep at it and try not to lose any more flexibility. How in the hell does our instructor get into those positions?

I’m shooting for 325 workouts in 2017, although I’m planning to change the mix a bit. I lifted harder than ever in 2016 and will probably tone that down. Definition is great, but bulk is the last thing I need. I want to put more emphasis on cardio, and that means more mountain biking.

If you don’t ride, it’s hard to explain the difference between being in gym shape and being in mountain biking shape. Let’s just say they don’t reside in the same building. I’m in gym shape – strong core, adequate cardio, decent definition for an old dude. I’m not in great mountain biking shape.

Bottom line – I need to ride more, and when I ride I need to ring up more miles.

Although the numbers look good, it’s disappointing to know that – even with all I did in 2016 – I still lost a couple of steps. It’s a ways out but I think I might have one mega-epic ride left in me to celebrate my 70th birthday. To have any chance to do it, I’ll have to ramp things up between now and then.

Yep, my back hurts. Yep, it’s been cold out. Yep, I broke a few fingers. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I have no excuses when it comes to fitness.

Bring on 2017!

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