2017 Growlers Calendar

GGR Calendar of Events

  • Mega-Build – March 4
    Can’t wait to get this one in the books. Join one of the biggest and best dirt crews in the region as we aim to complete 2.8 miles of single-track in one day.
  • Four Hours of Pain – April 23
    Time to man/woman-up, slackers. The Board of Director will select a lap for you. You ride it as many times as you can in four hours. How hard can it be?
  • Growlers Gulch 5,000 – May 13
    GG5K XXII will not be a gimmee. Push yourself as hard as you can or just enjoy being able to finish. Expect to ride 23 miles with 5,000 of gentle ascent tossed in to get your attention.
  • Scout Lake Party – May 19-20
    Another new one! The system at Scout Lake is now up to 15 miles – and these are very difficult miles. Details are still in the works, but the plan is for camping, guided rides, and – of course – a party.
  • Coldwater – June 2-3
    It didn’t happen last year, but things will be different in 2017. The USFS has approved our campout-work party-ride-party at one of the PNW’s most beautiful sites.
  • MTBO Comes to Growlers – June 11
    Join Abra McNair and Sue Grandjean, members of the U.S. Mountain Biking Orienteering Team, for this event! All you have to do is ride hard and follow a map that will have plenty of challenges.
  • Tour de Gulch – June 17
    Don’t miss the 20th annual party on wheels. Featuring guided group rides for all ages and ability levels. And, of course, the one-of-a-kind party at 465 to follow.
  • SHIFT Camp-out – August 19-20
    More than 100 people showed up in 2016 to participate in the camp-out, rides, work party, and just-plain-old party at Marble Mountain. This event draws mountain bikers and trail dogs from throughout the Pacific Northwest.
  • Bike Park Blowout – September 16
    Growlers Gulch Racing built the Castle Rock Bike Park, and each September we invite friends from throughout the Pacific Northwest to join us for the Blowout. Approximately 35 volunteers are needed to host this event, which features challenge stations and a free lunch provided by North County Recreation Association.

In addition to these events, we are looking at doing a group ride of KBAL (Kelley’s Big-Ass Loop) once the White-Bearded Satan returns from the desert. And while I have said in the past that I’d like to bring back the Climbing Championship, this year I think it might just happen. Dates to come if we pull the trigger on these.

Eligibility – There are occasional exceptions and one-time passes, but here’s the basic rule: to be eligible for a Growlers event, you need to have done trail work at Growlers (think the Chainsaw Massacre or the upcoming Mega-Build) or have made a significant contribution elsewhere. Contact me if you have questions.

4 thoughts on “2017 Growlers Calendar”

  1. We are planning a road trip to Washington State from BC in mid-March. Is this still too early to make Growlers Gulch a destination for our trip?

  2. Not in terms of weather. Snow should be off the upper trails by then. We are adding three miles on March 4th. Had big storm damage but all or nearly all of it should be taken care of by the time you arrive. Let me know when you will be here and if you would like a guide. If I’m not in town, I will try to find one for you.

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