Triple-Threat Building Frenzy at Growlers

Typically, if we were hit with this kind of storm damage, it wouldn’t be such a big deal because the Mega-Build would already be in the rear view mirror. With bad weather forcing the cancellation of two work parties, we are now faced with both a general clean-up of the massive damage that hit the system and the effort to open 2.8 miles of new trail.

We have decided to go with small work parties on February 18th and 25th and the big build on March 4th.

This is a unique opportunity to get involved. Hopefully, at least one of these three options will fit into everyone’s schedule.

Saws and Beer Stumble – February 18th: Vincent and Kris Siewell are heading up this effort. They will be meeting at the intersection/farm gate at 10:30 on Saturday. Despite the name, they will keep safety in mind. It’s pretty likely that they will walk or ride in and focus on Upper Jekyll, Deja Vu, the Upper KMA, JLS, and the Lower KMAs. Obviously, if it’s just the two of them, it’s going to be tough to clear all the logs that are down. If you can make it, toss a beer in your pack along with your handsaw. If you can bring a chainsaw, let us know. Keep in mind that you will have to ride or walk in with it.

Andrew’s Big Hit – February 25th: Andrew Holder never misses a work party at Growlers, so he is seriously pissed off that he can’t make this year’s Mega-Build. He is planning to work out his frustration by rounding up friends to work on the line along the 312 not far west of the intersection/farm gate. Meet at the gravel lot just past Four Corners at 9 a.m. You will be able to drive almost right to the work. Bring a handsaw and at least one dirt tool. Expect extreme benching to be part of your day. It’s possible we may get together at the Oasis in Castle Rock after this one.

Mega-Build – March 4th: Yes, we really mean it this time. We will be doing a full-on hit of 2.8 miles of new line in the clear cut. Bring a handsaw or long-handled nippers and at least one dirt tool. Leave a message or email me if you can make it. We are planning on doing some serious ass-kicking on this day. Huge after-party and raffle at Porky’s in Longview.

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  1. To clarify, the Stumble crew will meet up at the farm gate at 10:30 then carpool to the blue gate where we’ll hike the network raking, pruning, clearing tree and enjoying non pisswater brew. Bring out your chain saw and safety gear if you have it.

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