Kim McCormack Applies for Blackburn Rangers

GGR’s own Kim McCormack has submitted an application to be accepted into the legendary Blackburn Ranger program.

Kim, along with Leslie Kehmeier, are hoping to become two of only four riders accepted to the Rangers in 2017. If they make it, they will be riding a 550-mile route across Scotland. Not surprisingly, the pair selected this particular route because it has the most single-track.

In 2016, Kim and Sam Clark became the first mountain bikers to ride the 650-mile Oregon Timber Trail. This adventure would be another feather in the cap.

I’m still working on getting the details, but it appears that social media will play a big role in the selection process. Those riders who get the most likes, shares, etc. will be at an advantage.

Let’s start by liking and sharing Kim and Leslie’s YouTube video. It’s likely I will get back to you with additional requests soon.

Please take a few minutes to support a local. Hit play, then click YouTube in the bottom right corner. You will then be able to like the vid.

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