Coldwater Is a Go!

The party at Coldwater Lake has been approved by the U.S. Forest Service the weekend of June 2-4.

This event will feature ride opportunities on Friday and Sunday, a full-on build on Saturday, a party on Saturday night, and a rare chance to camp on the north side of the mountain.

If you haven’t been to Coldwater, it’s unbelievably beautiful. We have been granted a one-of-a-kind exemption to camp right near the lake. Bring the family and make it a weekend.

If the snow is off, we will be cleaning the 211 trail on the north side of the lake and a portion of the 230A on the south side.

Who’s in?

  1. Ken Bonn
  2. Gracen Brakke-Pound
  3. Rowan Brakke-Pound
  4. Rutherford Brakke-Pound
  5. Brian Butler
  6. KC Butler (MF)
  7. Cathy Crouch
  8. Mike Deal
  9. Mark Fisher
  10. Clint Fitch
  11. Isaac Fitch
  12. Lethon Fitch
  13. Lizzy Fitch
  14. Nathan Frechen
  15. Steve George
  16. Joe Hamilton
  17. Thad Harlow
  18. Bridget Hildreth
  19. Kelley Hinkle
  20. Darryl Kent
  21. Jill Masters
  22. Scott Matetich
  23. Ed Knight
  24. Sascha Knight
  25. Braden Nicholson
  26. Annelise Norkitis
  27. Arleen Norkitis
  28. Mike Norkitis
  29. Juntu Oberg
  30. Shane Oberg
  31. Jesse Philbrook
  32. Liz Philbrook
  33. Morgan Philbrook
  34. Scott Philbrook
  35. April Silva
  36. Charlotte Sobczak
  37. Gabe Sobczak
  38. Zoe Sobczak
  39. Sterling Sobczak
  40. Shana Sundstrom (SS)
  41. Russ Speirn
  42. Forest Wilson
  43. Dmitriy Zasyatkin


25 thoughts on “Coldwater Is a Go!”

  1. I have a previous commitment on Friday June 02, but I could do the work party on Saturday and ride on Sunday.

  2. Brian Butler will be there for sure. Please place me on the camp list for Fri & Sat nights. let me know what implements of destruction to bring

  3. In.

    Just let me know tools to bring – I’ve got saw, McLeod, shovel, hands, etc. Jeep – I’m also a USFS-certified B-level sawyer, per the Willamette Ranger district a couple weeks ago. I should have card in hand by mid-May, but they can also check with Kevin Rowell in that district if they need proof prior to that. No idea if there will be cutting to be done, but I can actually cut on USFS land legally.

    I can also bring a lot of firewood if that’s permitted. I’ve got a cord and half that needs burning before it gets too old.

  4. Jeep, my wife and are planning to bring the kids. So 5 total for the Saturday work party and camping and Sunday ride.
    We’ll come out Saturday am.

    Looking forward to it.



  5. I’ve never ridden on this side. Would be great to hang out with you all again! Count me in.

  6. The Fitch Family will be there. Clint, Lizzy, Lethon and Isaac. Will arrive Friday, late afternoon, sometime after the boys get out of school.

  7. We want to go! Helped at Stubb Stewart. Scott Philbrook and family (4) total (15 and 12 yo)

  8. Glad you can make it, Scott. Can you send me first and last names for everyone in your crew. I will make sure you are assigned to the same section. – Jim

  9. Myself and my family would like to participate. Mike, Arleen and Annelise Norkitis
    Will arrive Friday afternoon and camp the weekend.

  10. Add Evil Steve to the Coldwater list-o-volunteers too. Also, somewhere, somehow my name got dropped off the mail list. Could ya put me back on, please?

  11. Good to hear from you, Steve. I had an email hack last year and I’m still putting my email list back together. If you don’t get messages Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, let me know. Also, put the 5K (May 13th) on your schedule. Time to return to Growlers for some pain.

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