Coldwater Is a Go!

The party at Coldwater Lake has been approved by the U.S. Forest Service the weekend of June 2-4.

This event will feature ride opportunities on Friday and Sunday, a full-on build on Saturday, a party on Saturday night, and a rare chance to camp on the north side of the mountain.

If you haven’t been to Coldwater, it’s unbelievably beautiful. We have been granted a one-of-a-kind exemption to camp right near the lake. Bring the family and make it a weekend.

If the snow is off, we will be cleaning the 211 trail on the north side of the lake and a portion of the 230A on the south side.

Who’s in?

  1. Tyler Armstrong (SM)
  2. Ken Bonn
  3. Gracen Brakke-Pound
  4. Rowan Brakke-Pound
  5. Rutherford Brakke-Pound
  6. Noah Briller (SM)
  7. Brian Butler (brush-cutter)
  8. KC Butler (MF)
  9. Sean Corey
  10. Travis Cothren
  11. Cathy Crouch
  12. Andy Crump***
  13. Mike Deal
  14. Vincent Deluchio*** (weedeater)
  15. Barry DeSemple***
  16. Ryan DeSemple
  17. Sam Elder (SLM)
  18. Mark Fisher
  19. Clint Fitch
  20. Isaac Fitch
  21. Lethon Fitch
  22. Lizzy Fitch
  23. Susan Fleenor
  24. Nathan Frechen*** (two brush-cutters)
  25. Steve George
  26. Joe Hamilton
  27. Thad Harlow
  28. Bridget Hildreth
  29. Kelley Hinkle***
  30. Andrew Holder*** (trailer bob)
  31. Bob Horness*** (metal-bladed weedeater)
  32. Andy Jansky*** (one string and one metal-bladed)
  33. Mitch Jacky
  34. Ed Knight
  35. Sascha Knight
  36. Kevin Knorr
  37. John Kowalski
  38. Stephanie LaMonica
  39. Lee Lemmon***
  40. D. LeMonds*** (string and plastic-bladed weedeater)
  41. J. LeMonds*** (metal-bladed weedeater)
  42. Chase Lickliter
  43. Jeff Lipton
  44. Steve Luther
  45. Kim McCormack
  46. Vaughn Martin*** (metal-bladed weedeater)
  47. Scott Matetich
  48. Richard Marantz
  49. Chris Negri
  50. Hannah Negri
  51. Makayla Negri
  52. Pam Negri
  53. Braden Nicholson
  54. Annelise Norkitis
  55. Arleen Norkitis
  56. Mike Norkitis
  57. Juntu Oberg
  58. Shane Oberg
  59. Jesse Philbrook
  60. Liz Philbrook
  61. Morgan Philbrook
  62. Scott Philbrook
  63. Gabrielle Roth
  64. Chuck Scarpelli
  65. April Silva
  66. Gabe Sobczak
  67. Sterling Sobczak
  68. Zoe Sobczak
  69. Marc Steingrebe (SF)
  70. Russ Speirn
  71. Lena Thometz
  72. Sam Thometz
  73. Joe Van Leuven
  74. James Varieur
  75. Jameson Watts
  76. Carole Wiles (CSC)
  77. Dmitriy Zasyatkin


52 thoughts on “Coldwater Is a Go!”

  1. Six days ago I sent an email that I would be unable to attend but didn’t get an acknowledgement, so thought I would post here to be sure you received my cancellation.

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