The Four Hours of Pain Is Back!

Sometimes beer grows on trees. At least if you’re at the Four Hours of Pain at Growlers on Sunday, April 23rd.

The Board of Director was leaning toward an inhuman lap that would have included all the greasy new stuff we built on March 4th. In a rare moment of clarity, I have decided to keep the event on the 2016 course, which includes Deja Vu and the Upper KMA, and covers 4.2 miles per lap.

Ride one. Ride more. Your choice.

Last year, FOP champ Kevin Templeton – along with Braden Nicholsen – rang up seven laps, while Abra McNair, Sterling Sobczak, Susan Grandjean, Keaton Haire, Andrew Holder, Ted Dodd, Jay Swavely, and Dennis Starkey had six.

Here’s the opportunity you’ve been looking for. You’re fit. You have bike-handling skills. Think about it – these losers don’t even have course marshals or OBRA affiliation. How hard could it be to defeat these posers?

Ride route – Same as last year.

  • Start line is the bottom of the Upper KMA. Just ride up from the blue gate. Stop when you see the first trail on your left.
  • Ride gravel up to the Railroad Grade. You will pass a trail entrance on the left and a gravel road on your left.
  • Complete all of Deja Vu, which is 2.8 miles.
  • When it hits gravel at the bottom, hang a right. Ride up the hill. You will see a road on your right. Ignore this and continue straight/south. You will be going downhill when you come to the top of the Upper KMA on your left.
  • Ride the Upper KMA back to the start line.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Let me know if you are coming. Trust me on this – nothing could wrong.

The usual entry fee is required.

Thanks to Vincent for the vid below.

  1. Preston Antisdel
  2. Dave Bisers
  3. Jason Clifford
  4. Chris Conley
  5. Travis Cothren
  6. Jason Crago
  7. Andy Crump
  8. Tony Daversa
  9. Mike Deal
  10. Barry DeSemple
  11. Ryan DeSemple
  12. Chris Evenson
  13. Jeanine Fallacara
  14. Isaac Fitch
  15. Lethon Fitch
  16. Lizzy Fitch
  17. Daveed Fleischer
  18. Susie Griffin
  19. Tana Gutzka
  20. Cameron Hanley
  21. Carter Hanley
  22. Bob Horness
  23. Darrell Jamieson
  24. Jon Jenninngs
  25. John Kowalski
  26. Alan Legorburu
  27. D. LeMonds
  28. J. LeMonds
  29. Jeff Lipton
  30. Steve Luther
  31. Susan Martin
  32. Vaughn Martin
  33. Ben Milstein
  34. Christy Mueller
  35. Greg O’Brien
  36. Oleg Osin
  37. Mike Packer
  38. Robert Sanders
  39. Joe Santos
  40. April Silva
  41. Gabe Sobczak
  42. Sterling Sobczak
  43. Russ Speirn
  44. Bob Stanton
  45. Nancy Stone
  46. Ben Tai
  47. Herb Tai
  48. Kevin Templeton
  49. Joe Van Leuven
  50. Jeff Wize
  51. Yael Zbar
  52. Jamie Yoder

21 thoughts on “The Four Hours of Pain Is Back!”

  1. Ummm, so is it Saturday, April 22 or Sunday, April 23?
    I’m good with either day, looking forward to fun.

  2. Joel claims anyone can ride at least two or three loops, so I’m in. I’m sure he knows what he’s talking about.

  3. Michael – I sent at email to your Yahoo address. Check your spam folder if you didn’t get it. Hit me back. We should be able to work something out. – Jim

  4. I wasn’t sure if my bike would be put back together after a troublesome pivot bearing but all is good now and I’ll be there.

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