Kids are a Precious Resource to Oil, Mining and Timber Industries

“Kids are a Precious Resource to Oil, Mining and Timber Industries” – Northwest Education Magazine, Winter 2003

One September day in 1969, U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson announced from Seattle that the first Earth Day would be celebrated come springtime. That same month, a thousand miles away in chilly Anchorage, the state of Alaska took historic bids from the world’s oil companies for the right to drill in Prudhoe Bay.

These two events radiated from their Northwest epicenter into a national furor that continues, 34 years later, between environmental activists and those who push for development of the nation’s natural resources. But a decade into the debate, during the litigious 1970s, many began to refine their approaches to the issue. On the part of the resource development industry—timber, mining, and oil companies—this meant investing considerably in creating educational programs to teach the public about natural resources and their beneficial uses in modern human life.

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