Fond Farewell to Canyonview Cyclery

It’s never easy to see your local bike shop go down.

Canyonview Cyclery opened in 2012 and was always there for area mountain bikers. Mark Plotkin was incredibly supportive of our efforts. In fact, he paid for numerous lunches for the entire crew when we were working at the Castle Rock Bike Park; contributed swag to every one of our raffles; and just last year, he played a major role at SHIFT.

Additionally, Mark and Canyonview are one of the few shops to purchase a lease on private timberland, with the property open for trail building and access by local riders.

The Canyonview closure is indicative of the incredibly fine margin that bike shops operate on. Their only hope is that area bikers will patronize them and keep them afloat. Yep, they might be a little more expensive than those online bargains you find. But the internet has never sponsored a bike team, helped build a bike park, supplied food for a work party, or turned your bike around in short order when you needed it.

Thanks again to Mark for his effort. Even though things didn’t work out the way we’d hoped, we appreciate everything you did for the biking community.

Wishing you less stress and better health.

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