Andy Crump Blasts 5K Challenge Factor

Andy Crump has been unrelenting in his criticism of the Growlers Gulch 5,000. Evidently, 22 miles with 5.000 feet of climbing does not meet Crump’s lofty standards.

Use your imagination

During a recent interview, Crump said, “You’re probably aware that a lot of us NWTA people who are racers don’t think the 5K presents enough of a challenge for our abilities.”

He then did a lot of gesturing with his tiny hands and said, “It’s just not bigly enough. In the past you’ve always set up a course that was a better fit for beginners or intermediates. We’re not regular riders.”

Well, okay then. I’ll try to make him and the other real riders happy. Here is the route for May 13th.

The In – 

  • Everyone leaves from 465
  • Ride up the road and the Power Line Hill. We will either be doing the initial descent on Rush or the Big Wow.

    The Laps –
  • When you reach the bottom of Rush, take a left on gravel to Plan B.
  • Climb Plan B and Bitter Bitch to gravel. Take a left and then a right up the hill.
  • Climb Upper Jekyll (including Randy Hill’s new section at the top) and Vortex.
  • Go left at the top of Vortex. Ride the grassy spur up.
  • Ride Legacy.
  • Descend WTF to SNB. Take SNB and then ride Creation to gravel.
  • Take a right, ride through the rock pit. Ride all of Double Down.
  • Take a left at the bottom of DD. Ride the first portion of Ace of Spades.
  • Ride gravel to the top of the Upper KMA.
  • Descend the Upper KMA, all three Lower KMAs, and the Secret Garden.
  • Then do it a second time.

    The Out – 
  • When you reach the bottom of the Secret Garden the second time, take a right to Watershed.
  • Return to my house. How hard can it be, especially if you’re at the pro-like level of Crump and the other elite riders?

If this year’s route doesn’t do it, I have a plan for 2018 that includes TFB, the Ridge Road, and Watershed, in addition to the climbs from the Secret Garden to the top of Legacy.

Let me know if you’re dumb enough.


6 thoughts on “Andy Crump Blasts 5K Challenge Factor”

  1. Now we know the source of fake news in the media. Ooh I love the addition of Ace of Spades in mix. Should be a fun day with a little Watershed to finish you off!!

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