Tree Removal Needed

I keep wishing that whining would suffice to get the system cleaned up after yet another storm. Seems unlikely so let’s deal with it.

Based on recon I’ve received from Vincent, Wayne, Dave, and Tim, we need chainsaws or robust handsaws to deal with the following. If you can take care of any of these, let me know. Also, I have not received info about the upper trails so if you ride at Growlers, get me a report.

  • Watershed – Two down near the north end of Watershed lose to the entrance to the Beaver Pond Trail.
  • Beauty – One near the top.
  • Jeep Trail – One.
  • Cousin Eddie – Back end near the bridge feature.
  • Creek Trail – About three down just past the soggy section as your ride it east to west. One more down in the remaining trees along the creek.
  • Rush – At least two trees down near the top. Not sure about the lower section.
  • Upper Co-Pay/Co-Pucker – One or two down.
  • Co-Pay – Two or more.
  • Plan B – At least one down.
  • Creation – Big one just about where the trail crosses the road as you come down from SNB.
  • Road Trail – I believe this is False Hope, which is farther off the road. One down there. Small.

One thought on “Tree Removal Needed”

  1. Legacy and Trust me were good, did not ride the lower half of Trust me after you come out on the road and cross the bridge though.

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