Final Four Hours Info

Four Hours Info – Getting closer. We have 50 on the list right now. A little bit of helpful info:

Forecast says 60 with showers. Run-up looks good with temps in the low 60s and minimal moisture on Friday and Saturday. Vincent has the course in great shape.

  • You can park near the blue gate but there are limited spots there. Best would be back down toward the intersection or just ride in from the regular Growlers parking area. Please do not park close to the gate. It has to be able to open for Weyco and SP traffic.

  • Start time is 9 a.m. Bottom of the Upper KMA (about 200 yards up the road from the blue gate). Finish time is 1 p.m.

  • Key – Unless your lap is completed by 1 p.m. it does not count so be sure you have a pretty good idea of how fast you can ride one before you launch into the final shot.

  • I’ll have a sheet with names. Vincent will record your laps as you go by. Do NOT assume that he knows who you are. Either stop and tell him or shout it out.

  • There are two gravel stretches where passing is easy. In other spots, keep an eye out for people closing on you who need to get by. If they are catching up with you, guess what this means? It means they are riding faster than you are and you need to let them go by.

  • Vincent will likely have a pop-up near the bottom of the Upper KMA (probably about 75 yards back up the trail). You can stage food, fluid, and clothing here.

  • Sign-up is still open at and directions are provided there as well. This is a great event to get involved with because (a) you aren’t committed to any more laps than you choose to ride and (b) the ride route is very easy to follow.

  • After-party is at Porky’s. Please attend. Doug will have RPM and taco specials for us.

One thought on “Final Four Hours Info”

  1. Hey gang
    I hope it is not too late for Tony Ohotto and John Ohotto to sign in for 4 hours-o-payne.
    See you tomorrow

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