Four Hours Draws Hardcore Crowd

Conditions were sucky. The tread was treacherous. But we caught one break – the beer trees were in full bloom!

We had 47 riders come out to get a taste of the Four Hours of Pain. For 15 of them, this was their first Growlers event. It was a tough way to get an introduction.

The first hour and a half wasn’t bad, but after that the rain picked up and the Upper KMA turned into a creek. Just staying upright on your bike was a challenge, even for experienced riders.

Joe Santos, formerly of Cyclepath PDX – now under contract with Growlers Gulch Racing – took the top spot by completing six very tough laps in 3:33.

The runner-up spot was hotly contested and featured more than a little color. Dave Bisers edged Alan Legorburu, despite taking a detour down the Lower KMAs that cost him some time. Meanwhile, Legorburu had his own issues, completing the last two laps without a shoe to finish third.

Tony Ohotto, Jason Crago, and Tony Daversa all completed five laps.

There were a lot of great efforts but my pick for rider-of-the-day is 71-year-old Steve Luther who finished four laps.

One great thing about the FHOP is that the pain is equally distributed. The guys who rode more laps at a faster pace suffered just as much as the beginners who rode fewer laps.

We all owe our thanks to Vincent for his effort in prepping for this event. Special shout-outs also to Nathan Frechen and Jason Crago for their work to get the trail in shape. Thanks to Dave and Jeff for hauling in the pop-up, table, and chairs.

A few pics below courtesy of Vincent.

  • Dave Bisers: 6
  • Jason Crago: 5
  • Andy Crump: 3
  • Tony Daversa: 5
  • Mike Deal: 4
  • Barry DeSemple: 2
  • Ryan DeSemple: 2
  • Chris Evenson: 1
  • Jeanine Fallacara: 3
  • Clint Fitch: 1
  • Isaac Fitch:1
  • Lethon Fitch: 2
  • Lizzy Fitch: 3
  • Daveed Fleischer: 4
  • Susie Griffin: 2
  • Tana Gutzka: 2
  • Cameron Hanley: 2
  • Carter Hanley: 3
  • Bob Horness: 3
  • Jon Jennings: 3
  • John Kowalski: 2
  • Alan Legoburu: 6
  • D. LeMonds: 3
  • J. LeMonds: 2
  • Jeff Lipton: 2
  • Steve Luther: 4
  • Susan Martin: 2
  • Vaughn Martin: 3
  • Ben Milstein: 6
  • Christy Mueller: 2
  • Braden Nicholson: 4
  • John Ohotto: 4
  • Tony Ohotto: 5
  • Owen Rodabaugh: 2
  • Joe Santos: 6
  • April Silva: 2
  • Gabe Sobczak: 3
  • Sterling Sobczak: 3
  • Russ Speirn: 3
  • Bob Stanton: 4
  • Nancy Stone: 2
  • Scooter Sutterer: 4
  • Ben Tai: 3
  • Herb Tai: 2
  • Kevin Templeton: 4
  • Jeff Wize: 4
  • Yael Zbar: 1
The start was relatively dry.
There’s something very special about beer trees in bloom.
Alan Legoburu may need to rethink his footwear choice.
With my grandson Cameron. We finished two tough laps.
Winner Joe Santos (right) with runner-up Dave Bisers.

One thought on “Four Hours Draws Hardcore Crowd”

  1. caveat: my 6 laps took the full 4 hours and were completed under ideal (dry and almost sunny) conditions… hats off to joe santos for absolutely crushing it, and everyone else who toughed it out in the wet and sloppy. thanks again jeep and the GGR community for making ‘easy, family-friendly’ events like this possible.

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