2017 5K Ride Route

GG5K XII is set for May 13th. I expect it to clock in at about 22 miles with approximately 5,000 feet of ascent. Thanks to Crump and his insistence on a more difficult route, you should prepare for a little more pain than you experienced last year.

It’s fairly likely that Vincent and I will have the ride route flagged. I might even paint a few arrows on the ground as we get closer.

The In – 

  • Everyone leaves from 465
  • Ride up the road and the Power Line Hill and head west on gravel. Ride through the farm gate at about the 1.2 mile mark, and immediately take a right on the 9312M spur road. About 20 yards in, the single-track begins on the left. You will get to experience the new Bigger Wow trail. Expect a wild ride. Near the bottom, the BW transitions into Rush, which can also be a little sketchy.

    The Laps –
  • When you reach the bottom of Rush, take a left on gravel to Plan B. Near the top of Plan B, you will go across some cable and kick out to the spur road on the right. You will then make a left and transition to Bitter Bitch.
  • Climb Bitter Bitch to gravel. Take a left and then a right up the hill.
  • Climb Upper Jekyll.
  • Climb Vortex. It is in two sections. At the top of the first one, take a left on gravel. You will go back in on the right.
  • Go left at the top of Vortex. Ride the grassy spur up from the tank trap. (Stay off SNB. That is for the down)
  • Ride Legacy.
  • Descend WTF to SNB. Take a right onto SNB and then cross the road and ride Creation to gravel. (The first part of Creation is in some big trees. In about 100 yards, you cross a gravel road and pick up the trail again)
  • Take a right at the bottom of Creation. Ride gravel through the rock pit. Take a left onto Double Down.
  • Take a left at the bottom of DD. Ride the first portion of Ace of Spades (It will be marked) on your right.
  • Ride gravel to the top of the Upper KMA (You will be on gravel for a bit, then reach a T. Take a right to the Upper KMA entrance).
  • Descend the Upper KMA, all three Lower KMAs, and the Secret Garden. These will be marked.
  • At the bottom of the Secret Garden, take a left. You will be right back at the entrance to Plan B.
  • Now do it a second time.

    The Out – 
  • When you reach the bottom of the Secret Garden the second time, take a right and ride the gravel to Watershed.
  • Return to my house. You’ll notice that my driveway seems incredibly steep.How hard can it be? Sign up here.

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