Scout Lake Jamboree – May 20th

The fun never stops!

You might not be aware that Bob Horness, Vaughn Martin, Dave Haas, Kelley Hinkle, and Braden Nicholson have been developing a new trail system near Clatskanie, Oregon, at Scout Lake. They have approximately 18 miles built in the Vaughn Martin-style. Expect tough climbing, plenty of technical challenges, and some great downhill.

In an effort to make more people aware of the system and – of course – as part of our non-stop celebration of mountain biking, the Scout Lake crew is hosting a campout and ride on May 20th. For those who spend the night, a Sunday ride at Vaughn’s personal trail system near his house will be offered. Make sure your climbing gear is available.


Meet at the card lock gas station behind Johnson Feed (right side of Highway 30 as you roll into Clatskanie) at 9 a.m. Everyone will convoy from there to the trail system.

Guided rides will be available, with three options: easy, tough as hell, and extreme. A camping option will be provided at the city park in Clatskanie. Several hook-ups are available on a first-come basis. Tent camping is $5 per night.

Do you really need to ask if there’s going to be a party? Bob has coordinated with Colvins Pub in Clatskanie to host.

Bob, Vaughn, Dave, Kelley, and Braden will be handling the details. Growlers Gulch Racing will get you the information you need and keep track of sign-up. If you have questions, contact Bob at

Who’s in?

  1. Travis Cothren
  2. Adam Graff
  3. Barry DeSemple
  4. Ryan DeSemple
  5. Susie Griffin
  6. Dave Haas
  7. Kelley Hinkle
  8. Bob Horness
  9. Jon Jennings
  10. Allen Legoburu
  11. Steve Luther
  12. Susan Martin
  13. Vaughn Martin
  14. Warren Middleton
  15. Ben Milstein
  16. Joel Rogauskas
  17. Nancy Stone
  18. Kevin Templeton

16 thoughts on “Scout Lake Jamboree – May 20th”

  1. Reads like this could be very brutal. Please add me to Saturday possibly Sunday and thanks to the Clatskanie crew!

  2. Oh, yeah. Time to kick off camping and practice for Coldwater. Jeep, turns out I won’t be in Vegas that weekend, so I’m go for Coldwater as well.

  3. There are some great new trail that have been developed by the guys this last winter. TnT and Grease Lightning are just a couple of the new trails.

  4. Count me in! Since this is a Vaughn Martin style trail and I am a Martin as well, this trail system must be the perfect for me. See you all on Saturday.

  5. I want to go, but I’ve already signed up for yet more trail work on May 20th on the Catamount trail at Silver Falls. Y’all should come down and check out our trails. You might like ’em!

  6. Lets get my name on the list.
    I have a friend that is coming down from Victoria so we can put his name on there.
    Warren Middleton

  7. Thought I had a conflict but that got resolved. Count me in for Saturday. Not sure about Sunday.
    Steve Luther

  8. Braden and Dave are leading rides. Dave is medium, Braden is well done.
    Vaughn and Kelley are rare and medium rare. I will be lost 🍺🤓

  9. Not going to make it after all. Found a bike for my grandson and will ride with him tomorrow. Have a great ride.

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